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+ 2 PQR Promo lands


Two packs. 14 business days from order paid to door. Not bad. Still not happy about the SRC not being reasonable about letting me add to the first order, and having to make a second. Paying for shipping twice essentially and losing out on about $200 worth of product with the BOGO. But hopefully the quality makes up for it.

Also just gonna go ahead and add in a pic of my stash. Cuz why not. I’m good for several years of TRT. 2-3 solid offseason cycles, 1 more comp prep cycle.

White caps are PharmaQo Primo 100
Green solid caps are SP Labs Sust
Purple solid caps are SP Labs Tren Mix
Pink solid caps are SP Labs Mast
Red caps are Armani Test E
Green clear caps are OTB Stanozoil
Blue clear cap is OTB Mtren

Not pictured is -
Odin Winstrol 50mg tabs and
Enhanced Body Halo 10mg tabs

Ordered from
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After buying all that and no freebies due to the errors is kinda lame.
Even with the $50 shipment costs...
And that case is fking sexy, where did u get it bro?

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Amazon? Probably? It’s been a minute but I’m sure that’s where it had to be from.

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How has the PQ Primo treated you? Seen the price and thought something is always up when you see primo at a reasonable price.

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I haven’t used it yet bro. That will be used during my offseason alongside the SP sust. I just started my comp prep cycle. Cut my test dose in half and started ten weeks of mast/Tren. I plan on sending the Primo, Androbolan, and Sust all for analysis before using. But that primo has tested well by others so far. Had to jump on it.

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What batch # did you get? I tested 1-383107.

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Well damn. That’s exactly what I have Smile
All 12 of them!

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So thats just 100mg of test e instead of 200mg. Shame, bcuz if it was 200mg, as advertised, this could nice for trt

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Found it. 3 of the 12 bottles of Androbolan that I have are from that batch 339600 that tested as 99mg of each compound, so definitely good to know! And I’ll make sure when I send another in to Jano I send the other batch# sample

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Nah I was talking about the Primo my man. I do remember someone tested that Androbolan right? I’ll have to check my batch # and see if it’s the same

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What’s your opinion on halo mate? Dose/aggression/strength/power/aesthetics?

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Hey brother, I only used it one time for the last two weeks of my comp prep last year. I dosed it 10mg twice daily, along side the sdrol which is what I used alone for the last week with the show before.

I sent a few tabs to Jano for analysis. I do believe it helped with the hardening and drying me out those last two weeks. Compared to just Winny alone. The sdrol was for carb loading. Absolutely noticed an increase in strength, considering I was lethargic af at sub5% BF. Have not solely used it as a PWO alone though.

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Thanks for the write up, I will also be running it for 2 week. I’ve got some pharmaQo halo and if it’s anything like the roidplus I ran at 15mg ED for only 4/5 days I’m excited to see the results. I found the stuff to be aggression in pill form.

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Nice order bro. Also good info with Halo, I have a unopened bottle that I’ve been afraid to use.

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Yeah bro from everything I’ve seen/heard/read it is too toxic in my opinion to just use as a pre workout. Stage prep, for BB or powerlifting, I can see it’s utility. Otherwise I don’t think the reward outweighs the risks.

Anadrol and Sdrol however do not mess with my liver enzymes significantly when pulsed, and they are strong AAS for muscle growth.