-6 Picture of me before FIRST cycle!


Hey guys this is a pic of me before I start my cycle in about may time which will consist of just 250mg test e a week depending on bloods. The goal is to double my natural test and il be getting bloods done before I start aswell which I will post. I will also be bulking just to let you guys know. The picture here is around 3 weeks ago at the end of my mini cut. I’m about 77kg here and I’m 5’10. The only thing I’ve used before this is sarms which I used mk2866 for 12 weeks and saw no results only acne on my arms haha. Any feedback will be appreciated.

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Planning to cruise...at "25" while only blasting 250mg. And you'll keep your "oestrogen" symptoms solved by injecting more frequently or using an AI.

Well good luck Bruce Wayne. See you around the "oops I fked up now I've done permanent damage" section later.


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-2 for talking that garbage below at such a young age.

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It’s my body I can do what I want no?

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x2 . 25 is not 16

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So ur co-signing ? Smh

Oh because other guys looks cool on trt at 25? Smh

You sound like a child.

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Sounds about right coming from a 23yo. And that's under the assumption that he's actually 25.

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this is everyone's personal life. you need to evaluate the photo and not poke your nose into your own business. It is like a meeting of teachers giving advice when not asked. There are many bodybuilders in their 25s performing and they look really cool! And this dude looks cool too! Some of his peers at 25 are like fat bastards!

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Poke my nose? The last sentence of his post says any feedback would be appreciated. It may not be what he was hoping to hear, but its feedback that he asked for. Now get off his nuts. Douchebag.

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Quits arguing with the kids, Pinocchio. You know they dont listen to old folks. To be honest, if the op is real and his picture is real, he dont need no damn drugs. Looks like his body is operating just fine.


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Dumb fucks like batman and robin here are the ones who are asking stupid questions later once they end up with tits, no balls and limp dicks. I'm done dealing with stupid people thinking steroids are a joke. Fuck em Mol, they think they know what they're doing, well, let them have it. I personally won't help any idiot who disrespect people giving solid advice.

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They'll be back, different names in 6 months, just like you said, asking what to take for erectile dysfunction at 26yo. Makes you wonder how many we see are here asking advice for this exact reason...

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Yeah! when their wieners go limp, they'll be back.

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Thank you, I laughed.

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We don't advocate cruising or using steroids before 25 on this site.

If you have a problem with that go fuck yourself.

Do what you want with your body, but don't encourage others to do the same. You don't have to practice what you preach here, but you are most definitely not allowed to give bad advice to others or encourage reckless behavior.

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This ^^^

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Get em T!!

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Thank you!

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Of course you can. He's looking out for you bud. You're in great shape! But still young. Why start playing with your hormones while there's still natural progression to be made. Looks like you have good genetics, you may be about to mess that up. Bodies don't always "turn back on" after PCT. Hell of a risk at that age, especially with your natural ability.

Edit- this is a mistake on my part, I'm seeing you plan to "cruise". Yeah, bad idea, and -2.

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Usually we start with 500mg test, u are already supressing ur natural test, why supress it with little... i hope u know what u are doing, u did some research atleast...
How long u been working out?

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Been working out 4 years. And I’m planning to cruise afterwards anyways as I’m planning to do more cycles in the future anyways so I figured there wouldn’t be much point doing a pct just to get shut down again. Also the reason I wanted to start with 250mg a week was to hopefully avoid any oestrogen issues. If I do get oestrogen issues I can always try injecting more frequently before deploying an ai to see if that helps.

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Why are u planning to cruise after ur first cycle at ur age, doesnt make any sense, and 250 is already a cruising dose not even a blast

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250 is definitely not a cruising dose. A try dose is usually around 120-150 for most people to put them high normal. And I’m planning to cruise after as it would be much healthier than doing a pct twice a year.

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Any dose not prescribed by a doctor is a cruising dose.

250 mg is a low cruise for those dumb enough to do so.

Cruising is most definitely NOT healthier than PCT.

Steroids are just flat out unhealthy, peroidt.

Planning to permanently use steroids while having only ran one cycle of sarms is amazingly stupid.

The entire premise of cruising in the context we're talking about is to hold the extra muscle you've built on cycle..trt doses won't hold EXTRA muscle, they'll just return you to a "normal" test level. To hold above your genetic potential you'll need more testosterone, which is crazy unhealthy long term.

You need to re assess your plan because you're about to start cruising and losing..

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How do you figure cruising is healthier than running cycles? You should speak to an endocrinologist and I bet they’ll disagree with you.

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Your to damn young to be using test or anything else. 25 years old is to young, sorry to give you shit but theres a good chance your gonna fuck yourself up.

You have great cuts and muscle bellies already just being natural. get off the cycle (if you have started), up the calories, train consistently for another 5 years and you will be amazed at the results your get..

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Just curious all these pros and expecially these younger pros when do u think they started using gear.... Quinton is young, cody was young , I can go on and on with young pros using gear or who that started early using gear..... We don't know what his goals are .... Is it okay for him to use gear at 25 if he wants to become a pro bodybuilder? Cause starting gear at say 30 yes old ur missing a ton of time and growth and improving ..... This st the end of the day like anything else should be an individuals choice , as long as he has the proper knowledge and has done the research and knows what he's giving up and is gunna potentially put his body through

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