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Going to PCT with HCG kicker then Clomid/Nolva. Can I bounce back from these numbers being 34 years old?

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I expected something more with 500mg of Enant /week.

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Capped test. Levels could be anything above 1500.

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That's right, I hadn't seen it.

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You should bounce back no problem..as long as your pct is on point

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Right on. What would you recommend?
I was thinking to start HCG one week after my last shot.

week 1 HCG 2500 twice a week
week 2 HCG 1000 EOD w/ Clomid 50 and Nolva 40
week 3 Clomid 50 and Nolva 40
week 4 Clomid 50 and Nolva 40
week 5 Clomid 50 and Nolva 20

  • take aromasin 25 twice a week
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Not what I would do..I'd take the hcg 500 daily for 10 days then once the esters cleared your system(some wait 2 weeks others wait 3) I'd run Clomid 100 nolva 40 for 2 weeks then 2 weeks at 50 for Clomid and 20 for nolva..u should recover fine..u don't wanna smash too much hcg into your system it cam mess your pct up alittle..also drop the ai you won't need it

Edit I just read your other posts your probably going to need more hcg..run it at 1000 for 10 days the rest you should be able to keep the same..in reality you've suppressed the shit outta your natural test so you might have an uphill battle at this point bro..good luck man