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  • Shred777   •   Wed, May 13th, '20 21:56   •   7 replies, 161 views

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Promo order from TR

Para Pharma Testo C 250 x4
Batch: CVF520
EXP: 12/2025

Vials on the Megadeth T Shirt I use in all my order pics.

I asked TR if I could get in the promo for 3 vials and he offered me 4 Vials :)

International shipping took 1 month which I thought was fast given the shipping delays being experienced by many during the current global pandemic.

This will be my first time running any Para Pharma oil.
I have read a lot of good things about Para Phara Test C 250 and looking forward to running it myself.
I will be running this Test at 500mg a week in my next cycle. 500mg of Test C a week is a dosage I prefer to run on cycle, it's a dosage that works well for me alone or stacked. I am currently planning and preparing for this cycle but when the time is right I will post a review.

Thank you TR for the awesome promo brother!


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  • Boss29
  • 2 months ago

Looks good from here!

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  • Bill1976
  • 2 months ago

Never tried para pharma. Enjoy

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Me either bro ... keep hearing about em tho

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I'm reading nothing but good reviews and lots of them too. I had their Anavar 10mgs and it was solid bro

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  • Sam I Am
  • 2 months ago


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  • Bruins77
  • 2 months ago

Keep us posted on the results.

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Will do bro