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+ 5 Para Pharma HGH 200iu's


Para Pharma Paratropin 100iu kit x2
This is not a promo. This is an order.
I put it on my Megadeth T shirt like I do with all my gear pics.
I will be running 2iu's a day in the mornings Monday thro Friday. 5 days a week for 20 weeks.
It's been years since I've ran Growth. And I'm just looking to be less 40ish.
Any suggestions welcome in the comments or my inbox.

Thanks TR for the easy ordering process and very fast US Domestic shipping.

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Pretty pic! I was always curious about PP GH?

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If you get pre bloods (igf) then 3rd can adjust as you like. Youll have numbers to work with

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Thank you.

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Great choice shred +

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Thanks for your review of the Para Pharma Paratropin HGH. It has 6 thumbs up, 1 of those is my thumb. I did a good bit of research and review reading before ordering. And your review was very helpful. I was ready to commit to making an order after that bro. I also saw you posted a gear pic of the HGH too when you got it, and I now see you have since ordered more of the same HGH and posted another gear I am feeling really good about this. Thanks for being a good member of the community, straight shooter, and authoring useful reviews.

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I am glad the review was helpful shred my man. Your welcome. I try to provide good reviews to help other members make calculated informed decisions . I too use reviews to decide on certain products/sources, it's our job as members to review . Keep the community updated on your paratropin journey we all like to hear updates .

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thanks for sharing it with us Shred

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Thanks for the fast shipping bro.

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Nice im still waiting for my promo kit to arrive, heard its a good generic hgh, enjoy brother.

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The promo is probably not US Domestic shipping. The US Domestic shipping is pretty fast. 2 or 3 days after shipped it was here.

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BOOOOM!!! Gotta rep that even if its just for the megadeth tee!! Mustaine kicks ass!! Lol nah tho pp hgh ive heard great things about. Enjoy that pal.