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+ 7 On week 8 of 12 cycle


Start 215lb and right now 208lb look like gain muscle and gain fat same time, For Work maybe stop cardio and diet next week, just do weights 3 weeks try main weight,for sure done the cycle but not 100% last 4 weeks , I used tren e 400mg a week from TR test 600mg a week from UF and BSO,clen just 40mcg from STero first weeks ,and anavar 50mg las 4 weeks maybe add another extra 2 more weeks complete 6weeks de anavar from RB and the PCT tooo from him,quantropin 2ui a day
I'm happy results short time ,for sure great sources to and quality products

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That's a great change in just 2 months.

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Good job dude

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Well done mate!

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Well done!

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Stay at brother!! +1

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Yes brother, let's finish strong

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Solid work bro +

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Thanx bro

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+2 all day.
If that’s BM that’s one hell of a job.
Scar is very familiar

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Thanx bro ,Maybe u know me lol

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Good work man +

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Thanx bro,muscular memory too

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Thanx bro ,I hope the gyms not closed again