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+ 5 Odin tren ace verifies and test ace?


Made a small order thru roidbazaar i purchased what is shown in the picture the test E didn’t come in box like the rest which isn’t a big deal but makes me wonder after verifying the two tren ace box’s on odins page they pulled up as test ace… so I pulled a cc out of each vial and they don’t smell like tren at all but the oil does have a yellow tint to it.

Don’t know why a lab would produce the entire box correctly but get the verification numbers wrong just. Who knows what’s really in the vial.

Won’t be ordering odin products ever again.

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I won't touch Odin anymore.
The Odin Test C or Test E I got a while back was decent. I got some Odin Tren E that I thought was good but I have since ran 3 different brands of Tren E and come to realize that the Odin Tren E sucked! Under-dosed I would say. The Odin Mast E didn't do much and some source shill told me I wasn't taking enough and laughed at me. The boxes were always screwed up, the vials don't fit in them and shake around, some Odin re-sellers don't even include the boxes probably because they don't fit the vials. The verification numbers seem to mean nothing with this brand. A guy around here did send some Odin gear off to Jano and the results were all over the place. I think Odin is a shit brand.

The Adex Odin charges so much for when true pharma grade even US Domestic shipped is cheaper turned out to be under-dosed

@Serrajitsu0876 had some other lab results posted but seems to have removed them. I wish they were all still up
"I also received underdosed Tren E from them as well." - Serra, confirming my suspicion of the Odin Tren E.

Don't run Odin gear it's trash bro

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Some sources in olded days had shippers label and rebox. But yes, getting it all confused isnt good at all. Newbs on tren...ugh...

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Let the source know whats up. Something is messed up and if the source is selling something that isn't actually as labeled they need to find out what is going on,. I would get my money back until they can gets Odin's shit show figured out,.

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Makwa same thing happen to me and it is not tren. The oil is thick thik thick, LIGHT yellow, and does not have the tren smell. I did half a CC immediately before the gym and felt it in less than 5 minutes. A intense feeling of energy and strength. I have done a decent amount of tren to know this was not tren. My source says he is working on it.

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That's kind of scary. I would worry about them mixing other things up as well.

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Yea I will Never order ODIN again. The Test Acetate in the vial gives me a really good workout. Not going to lie But at the end of the day if thats what I wanted to order I would of ordered that. I would put my whole bank account on it that its not tren. I even told the SRC. I am telling u about this so prevent problems in the future I dont even care if its replaced or not. It is what it is. but its fucked up.

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Makwa says that scary when we have already pinned almost a cc lmao should of hit him up yesterday fml….

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I have put a lot worse things in my body. lmao. I aint worried about gear. I am not even going to mention the things I used to inject in myself lmao

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Same here bro I already think I know what you’re getting at. James brown town lol

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Shit man If you can Rig it I can Dig it.

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Not any more though. lol.

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I looked on another sources web site and they have Odin labs from Jano. Not Tren A but Tren E and it tested supposedly at 217mgs. I have some DHB I am going to check tonight.

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Let me know what ypu find out!

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My DHB checked out to be DHB with the verification codes. But that doesn't mean DHB is in it. Going to be switching to them from another lab that is legit and hopefully it is what it says on vial.

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That’s legit bro!

My test came in no box which makes me wonder so I’m not using any of it I heard no good things about there hcg got that two some I’m just gonna use it all in 3 injections vs 200 2x a week lol.

I got a box of stuff I just give away to friends when they ask if I got any extra stuff I got ultima test and t3 with there npp and now this 2 Odin vials or tren or whatever it is and an odin test e. Also got two vials from a new ugl lab in the box which I won’t name bc I don’t wanna stir up any drama..

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Yeah that makes me wonder maybe the lab just got in a bind and threw some stuff together for a number of reasons maybe they couldn’t get tren raws or something.

Who knows just didn’t expect this from them…

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The labs looked good and they have many sources selling there products so hopefully just a simple error. Well if you try it and accidentally hit a Vien and get the Tren cough then you will know it is Tren.

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Lmao yeah very true nothing come close to that kind of coughing bro it’s rough the worst one I’ve ever had iasuperpharma produced it.

They had some good stuff like 4 years ago when they hit the scene really hard but all there gear gave me scar tissue. They have pretty cool blends to just haven’t used them in a while so I can’t comment on there stuff now

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Same Shit with My Odin Tren. I also saw someone else with the same issue. Thats Three people with the same situtation. Tren Vials with Tren Box, Verified as TEST ACE and I did a half a CC and Felt it Almost immediate it does not taste of tren or smell of tren Based on my experience doing it its 1000000% test ace. Only way to prove this issue would be for us to send unopen product to Jano or another reputiable lab for testing. SMH.

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I know bro it’s a trip what happens sometimes gonna pin tomorrow and let you how things go in a week or so.

Most people will be like ohh that’s bs you can’t taste certain things but if it’s a strong enough eater you most certainly can same thing if a source uses to much solvents.

One thing I do know tren quit a few things that make it easy to tell if it’s tren or not and this certainly isn’t lol.

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I know man I never did tren and got a blast of strength and energy within 3 minutes of doing it. I am chocking it up tho I aint even that mad about it. The compound in there is 1000000% TEST ACE and im cool with it had a good workout but other people woud be mad I know.

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Sounds like test base the way you describe it. Test no ester. But those usually seem to have that smell to it.

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Dayumm that’s annoying mate!

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Yeah bro just putting it out there so people kind of have an idea what could possibly happen if ordering from them.

Seeing as it’s already happened to 2 other members…