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+ 7 Odin sauce!!!


Labs ran for cycle as promised. Check out cycle details to see more info on cycle. Pulled bloods 5 weeks into cycle and currently transition into final phase of cycle with the prop and winny transition. Currently up to 220lbs from 197 at beginning. Strength is going through the roof and staying nice and full.

Was not surprised by these numbers given how good things have been going during cycle. All of the Odin products I’ve tried so far have been on point.

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I’m getting my test eth tomorrow, can’t wait

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Hi broootheerrr ... great to see all is running fine ... also consultant told me he enjoys working with you as well ... let it continue to rumbleeee ... cheers mate ;)

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Thank you my friend. I will get with him on my next cycle to run. I have really loved all the Odin products and cycle he put together!!! Let’s rumble to 230lbs!!!

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thanks man, good to see. I just got my hands on some of their cyp.

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Enjoy my man!! You know it’s gonna be fire!!

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thank you for this

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Looks good

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What's the dose and cycle layout?

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There’s snapshot for ya fusebox. Just HMU if can’t access it. I know there were issues recently with pics

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That's good numbers on that dose. ++ For bloods

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This is from 250mg wk? +1 for testing/sharing

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Surely it’s picking up the nandrolone as testosterone. No way someone gets that number with just 250mg/wk of test only. If so, I’d be concerned about significant over dosing which wouldn’t be consistent of a “pharma” grade lab.

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Wasn't aware nandrolone effected the test numbers. It'd be nice to get a clearer reading if that's the case.