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Order 3 Tren Ace 125mgs. Stuff is black as night! Will review in a week or so once I give this dark brew a taste.

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Just read ya review ..... His shit is strong AF !!!! Orals n oils lol

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Starting to see more of this source poppin up ... I thought it was the dark vials lol ... Keep us posted brother!

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HA. Nope, just dark ass Ace.

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I wonder if it’s 10 or 11mLs

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its more than 11 man, thats for sure

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Tha tren looks tasty

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I've had good tren that's been every shade. I would agree the color doesn't mean anything.

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Looks like it is in amber bottles. lol.
Looking forward to the results.

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Thanks man, enjoy and share result

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Nice brand name