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  • funkflex35   •   Sat, Apr 4th, '20 11:52   •   2 replies, 191 views

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Ive taken part in 2 promos, the past many months. Both orders arrived safely and packed well.

Myroidshop was international, no sig, came in 8 days. Impressive. Ive received Masteron prop which ive felt kick in after just a few days. The cialis is quite good also. Small clean pressed tabs with a score. The letro and nolva i will be using during my next cycle which begins next week. I will report back with my findings.

Bestgear's ZPHC 3 x test prop. Landed in 3 days domestic. I will be pinning next week


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  • 3 months ago

Thanks for sharing photo buddy

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Nice man some free gear