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  • Codenamekitten   •   Mon, Feb 6th, '17 23:17   •   0 replies, 106 views

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I finally started to bulk again last week :)
I just finished to go down from 260lbs 15% bf
To an 8% bf at 230lbs...
too bad Im holding a fuckton of water in this pic.
I hope this time I will reach a good 250lbs+ with decent's a lot of work.. with nutrition in particular..
But in the last two years I learned more than I could in terms of nutriton and types of training, I also learn what I feels to go overboard with bodyfats which was the worst part and I'm never doing that again...15% of 260lbs it's a fuckton...Im used to be well above 8% because of my job...ex job I guess, now I'm just a student :)