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+ 6 Metapharma TD


Grabbed some staples for the pantry. Meta kinda gets you locked in with all their credit slips, vouchers, discounts, frequent flyer miles, etc…

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My manz...gotta Army there! Nice

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lol, that’s exactly what it feels like, like I’m building a 10ml army of vials over here

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Nice score Sparta, nice variety of options to choose from.

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Thanks bro, it’s impossible to have too much test, mast, or Cialis

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Nice bro! Picture is a little grainy on my phone so I can’t see exactly what you have, but I see that it’s a lot of it! I’m waiting on my second Meta order now. Wish I ordered more during their sales honestly. I’m sure they’ll be throwing another promo soon enough though.

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@Sackbird if you’re on mobile, you can click the picture and it’ll load it on a separate page, in full resolution so you can see it. Then just click back to come back here.

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Absolutely they'll have another sale. They got the blueprint for sales over there

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I saw there big sale. I haven't tried meta yet but the prices are really good. Let the community know how the quality is please.

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I'm getting feedback from members that its really good actually.

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Yeah it’ll be awhile before I get to it, but I already gave some out to my boys. I felt confident to do so based on the feedback of those other members who have already ran this gear. One of the many blessings of being part of this community

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Its nice to see a lab offering gear for a reasonable, honest price too. A vial of Test prop over in the UK is now £35 per vial!!!! That's insane Bro - it use to be £18 when I first got into this game 10 years ago.

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That’s just plain highway robbery Press!!!! Meta and these other heavy hitters are about to saddle up and put the boot down over there for you.

Yes is nice. I’m new to the game, but from all that I gather from you veterans…. I got it pretty damn good right now.