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+ 4 Maha Pharma Test E 250 x10


These promo vials just landed.
I put them on my Megadeth T shirt like I do all my gear pics.
Quick evaluation of the vials with my eyes and hands...
The vials are the slightly taller style of 10mL vials.
No leaks. No oily residue on any vial. Good so far...
Crimps look good and all are tight. I tried turning each one while adding a slight increase in force. I only add so much force because any crimp will turn with enough force. Only 2 turned a little and it took enough force to turn them to be what I consider sealed properly and safely by my hand crimp turn testing standard. I do this turn test with all vials.
The crimps are plenty tight on all 10 vials.
Caps have a small arrow logo on the top of them and feel snug.

The oil has a nice lite shade of gold color to it.
No debris. None crashed.
Vials are not all equally filled, but very close. From the most filled to the least filled I would guess there is a .5mL difference at most. This is good by my standards.

Labels are surprisingly all properly placed the same. It looks like machine grade precision with the label placement.

I will start running this as soon as my current Test C vial is empty. This brand will be my Test base to finish my current cycle and I'll probably run it in cruise too. I will run it long enough to write a proper review, at least 6 weeks.

Shipping was less than a month, about 3 weeks. Packaging was nice and discreet.

Thank you PCTSHOP for this awesome promo!

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That should last a while.

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Nice stash! Gonna run bloods?

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I wasn't planning to until I cruise again.

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No worries. Keep us updated, heard good things on brand

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Will do!

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Thank you for sharing pics with us shred!! Enjoy it mate!

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Will do! Thank you for this very generous promo brother

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What's the carrier oil? Looks like GSO.

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you guys are more than welcome to ask us if you have any question about our products

Carrier oil is miglyol

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It doesn't say on the labels. I searched online and couldn't find anything other than the brand has been around for at least a few years and changed vial label style. The old labels didn't say either judging by the pics I found online. Didn't come across any bad feedback anywhere in my quick online search so that's good. Maybe src knows carrier oil.

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Any bloods or tests on this brand?

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Not that I've seen. But there are recent good reviews posted at the source page