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  • Vortice   •   Tue, Oct 8th, '19 20:19   •   4 replies, 490 views

NOTE: Simple Mass Spectrometry is not enough to determine dosage and purity of tested substance.
Tests done with GC/MS, LC/MS/MS or HPLC methodes are considered much more reliable!

Sources: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

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I decided to get some labs done earlier this year. These labs pertain to Gym Labs Test Enanthate and Qtropin HGH only from RoidSource.net.

Prior to my labs, I had been completely off gear since 01.10.2019 and did PCT after that for 5 weeks that ended on 02.19.2019.

I had some labs done on 03/28/2019 to determine somewhat my baseline. I could have waited another month or two and my values probably would have been lower as I was diagnosed with Low T several years ago when I was in my late 30's and my Total T was around 390 ng/dl then.

The baseline labs from 03/28/2019 came back as follows:

Total Test: 430 ng/dL
Free Test: 8.6 pg/mL
IGF-1: 196 ng/mL

I started taking 200mg a week of Gym Labs Testosterone Enanthate divided in 2 doses on Monday and Thursday on 04/15/2019 and then started taking 2iu of Qtropin on 04/18/2019.

I went back and had labs taken on 05/16/2019 almost exactly one month later after my first injection of Test E on 04/15/2019. I also took 2iu of Qtropin about 2 hours before my labs that morning and I did not take any Test E that morning. The week of my labs, I decided to take my injection of Test E 100mg on that Sunday morning 4 days before my labs which were done on a Thursday.

The follow up labs from 05/16/2019 came back as follows:

Total Test: 1147 ng/dL
Free Test: 21.7 pg/mL
IGF-1: 374 ng/mL

As you can see my values went up significantly after only being on their gear exclusively for 1 month.


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  • Sr10000
  • 5 months ago

Nice results for 2IU

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  • heavymetalmonsterD
  • 7 months ago


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  • Jimmy Tango
  • 7 months ago

Those IGF levels are pretty damn good for 2 IU.

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  • PallMall
  • 8 months ago

Good results for low dosages