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If you can see it, and believe it, you can achieve it. After competing in bodybuilding and having some injuries my mind started to go downhill. Along with that my body started to follow suit, being told you'll never be able to lift again or have a "normal" life.

Well, f*ck being normal, I'm an immortal and not just because of the gear, but because my mindset! There would be no way after neglecting myself and gaining as much weight (bad) up to 365lbs/40% bf, that I'd be able to lose all that, and condition myself to where I feel confident without the right attitude.

Even in our darkest moments you look for the light... because trust me some days may feel like nothing is going good, but there is good in your life, you just have to look a little harder sometimes.

Bless my Eroids fam, I have gone through hell, mental breakdowns, and so many real life situations, where I felt like I had no hope. Thank God I have my people here who are amazing, that can crack a simple joke and make you laugh! Life ain't so bad, and know gladly I'd take a bullet for y'all! Seeing your success makes me happy Smile

It took me about a year and half starting from scratch running TRT doses of Sust, then I would add some mild oral compounds for strength, once I got my bodyweight down to manageable levels, I then started throwing in some more advanced compounds. I didn't even run hGH for the first two years being patient and even did my competition without anything complicated (simple cycle). Once I saw what I was working with I then went on a recomp and added hGH through 2020 of course lockdown hit, so I wasn't able to compete last year yet I look very sharp (even a high level IFBB Pro said I looked ready), then towards the end of last year and this whole year, I've really taken off thanks to Insubolic, taken the necessary measures having all the maintenance surgery I needed this year and still was able to keep my physique from declining. Now, everything is clicking and it's on like donkey Kong Diablo

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Congratulations! I’m kind of in your boat. You killed it bro!!

Just to have some fun I’m glad you found a huge chain to lock up your oversized bike!!

Edit: i thumbs upped your post

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Way to put in the work congrats brotha.

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top work, respect! ++

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great work boss

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Great job. It looks like you're literally half the size of those pants now, you could fit into just one of the legs.

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Respekt, good work!!!

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Wow great job

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That's very inspiring, amazing transformation.

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WoW, it is amazing

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Not all heroes wear capes. Amazing dude!

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Solid work man!

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congratulations buddy,
you are very strong! a beautiful example with a mind of steel.

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physique is looking great man!

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Great story with a strong come-back

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Positive mental attitude no matter what life throws at you. Good

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+1 my bro great work

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Great work man, thanks for posting and keeping it real. Much respect.

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WOAH Lookin AWESOME Mate!!!

One of the Best guy's on here - Always up for a laugh Yes 3 Yahoo

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Appreciate that Mate!! Wink

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I love to hear stories like deserve everything coming your way brother! HARD WORK, Dedication and sacrificing to get to where you want to be....I can't wait to see you smash a comp

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Congratulations my man. Not only can you see it but you can hear it in your words. The resilience. The triumph. The peace, and joy.

Looking forward to continue watching your journey. Keep up the killer work ++

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I just need to stay grounded and hang out with you guys more!! This Fall/winter is gonna be a "blast" for us all lol ;-) Thank you sir !!

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Bad ass story my man. Looking good brother. I'd hit it! No homo. Lol

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Haha! Thanks bro!!

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We’ll done bro!

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Thank you! I feel "good" in my skin finally so to speak...prob cause the hGH lol