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+ 11 Igf1 results on ironlion grey top hgh


As promised, went and got my IGF1 tested since being on the grey tops from Ironlion. As stated before, I do not know my baseline; but I had posted another lab result from another source in the past and judging by that I can tell these are great.
I was taking 3-3.5iu daily. Split into two doses, am/pm. Just depended on the day but some days I did 3iu and other days I took 3.5iu. Igf1 being 322 is a result I’m very happy with and what I was hoping for.
I took my normal dose and tested 4hrs after injection. Like exactly four hours, within five minutes give or take. Now; I meant to go at 3hrs but got held up. So my GH levels were lower than before, but my igf1 higher. So I’m wondering why the lower GH? Just due to being 4hrs and it on the decline at that point? Maybe? I know igf is what matters, but I was just curious about that as well.
I’ve already spent a fortune on these products, lol so I was very relieved to see the lab work back up what my body was telling me. I am super lean; sleeping better, recovering faster, hair and nails, everything. I love this hgh and just put another order in for more!

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I've heard that igf1 actually peaks around the 24hr mark where serum would be the approximate 3 hour range. Hailrazor did a test where he wasn't on any gh, took his baseline, then pinned and tested 24hrs later and had elevated igf1. So that could be why igf higher but serum lower as you asked. Just a thought. I'm no pro on the actual physiology part. But I've studied what I could

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Looks good Good

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Nice +1

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Awesome bro, thanks for testing. +1

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Tanks bro +! Cant wait till mine lands

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thanks for testing our gh and post the test results honestly ,
we will offe ryou 100$ as credit store , you can use it at any time,
enjoy it ,

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Awesome man I’ll put in another within the next few weeks. Thanks again.

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ok waiting for your early good news.:)

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Hey rusty any thoughts on the lower gh score? Or am I right about just timing and it already peaked and began declining by the 4hr mark?

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Yeah I’m very pleased with them. Old asshole got pretty puckered waiting on the results tho thinking about how much money I’ve already spent on them lol. Talk about feeling relieved afterwards lmao

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Just to add:
I ran the 3-3.5iu daily just to keep my dose the same as the last time I was tested just for myself to compare the product to my last tested one because I don’t know my baseline so I only had that to go off of.
So now it’s time to ramp it up to a higher dose and I’ll retest here again soon to see what 5iu looks like on the igf.