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+ 8 IGF-1 test & HGH serum test


Hey fellas, new here to eroids , figured I would start off by showing some blood work.

I did the bloods to show just how legit GODTROPIN is and, because, Matt deserves to see just how legit his product is and, for being such an amazing vendor and, character.
Before I start with the method or protocol in which I used I, just wanted to say, I am NOT currently on any cycles or taking anything other than over the counter supplements.

Prior to my test or trying the product (GT), I had a baseline done to see where my IGF-1 levels were sitting at.
My guess was average and, they were right about that. 116 was my baseline.

So, I started taking 1IU daily (subq), upon waking up every morning . I did 1IU daily for 5 days. On the end of the 5th day I, started my fast around 10:00PM.
On the 6th day I, woke up and, continued my fast.

I scheduled my test with LABCORP. About 3.5 hours before my appointment, I pinned 10IU (subq) style. Still fasting of course.

Now, I know that alot of guys see intermuscular injections as the best possible method to see a spike in your HGH serum levels but, neither me or. my friend use oils so, I have never done IM, therefore stuck with (subq) style injections.

I had my blood drawn at Labcorp right at or, around 3.5 hours after my 10IU (subq) injection.

I was very impressed to see such a rise im my IGF- 1 in 5 days at 1IU daily. As far as my serum levels go, I am 100% satisfied with them as well.
I honestly wasn't expecting much for my IGF-1 at 1IU a day but, was still very happy to know the conversion of HGH to IGF-1 was in fact working .

It is safe to say that, Matt knows what he is doing over at thanks Matt for being such an amazing vendor and having such a great product.

To everyone else out there who still, is maybe on the fence about trying the product, well, don't be.
The product is legit.

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What batch is this please bro

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numbers looks good

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Thanks for the karma fellas. Much appreciated.

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Very nice,about to start the new batch ,thanks for posting ,

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Thanks bro. The reason the photos look so similar to the ones posted last week was because that other post was my younger brothers.
He made me get labs as well. That and because Matt hooked us up so good we had to look out for him. We are both MMA fighters.
So having this quality of product is as good as it gets for us and training all day.
I just can't wait to see what the future brings.
This GT is seriously as good as some very well known pharma pins I have used in the past. Even the numbers were comparable, IMO.

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That's great! I figured that batch would be great also! I'm glad I picked up a few of those. Still got original batch left but it's nice to see the newest is on point as well. Great job matt!!

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Great results!

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Looks like matt is keeping the great quality standards.
+2 for testing

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thanks my dear frank, remember : u r the one who submit the source and u know how many ppl laughed at it.

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This is funny cause I seen you on muscle gurus and asked if it was a gay site lol. Glad you changed the pics shortly after and glad the gh is legit.

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ah it was u? i replied thanks for your advice,and i changed immediately. im new, so i need all kind of advice to improve it little by little. i really appreciate it

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lol ya glad you took it well!

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No one laughing now. Lol

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now everyone is laughing when he checks his

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thanks to run the blood test for new batch

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No problem, you hard work earned it. I wish there was a HGH award of the year.. Hands down its looking that way from where I'm sitting.

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