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HCG US Domestic order from CD


HCG order I placed with CD.
US Domestic shipping (3 days).

SP Laboratories
SP Gonadotropin
Two 5000iu vials (Exp: 06/2023)
Four 1000iu vials (Exp: 03/2025)

5000iu vials are great but I had to get some of the 1000iu vials too because there's no wasting any. I can mix and use the 1000iu vials well before they begin to lose potency and I like having that option.

CD is one of my main sources because of the large selection of hard to find items all shipped US Domestic.

Order placed on my Megadeth T-shirt just like all my gear pics ;)

Ordered from:
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Good stuff there.

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The gear is potent but SP needs to change the stopper, 10% stay inside the vial, except you draw it up with a long needle.

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I had the exact same issues with the SPtropin .

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I just found this out with one of the 1000iu vials.
I mixed it with 1cc and drew up some slin pins to store in the fridge. Exactly 10% or 100iu got left in the vial because the stopper extends far enough into the vial that it allows some HCG to pool around it in the neck of the vial. I put the vial in the fridge with the pins and will use some bac water to add to it later and get some of the last bit out. No big deal.

I know it's a good lab. Heard good things.
The labels are not just printed out in mass with Exp Dates and Batch #'s.
Each vial has it's very own unique serial code stamped on the label with Exp Date. it's a different code clearly stamped on the printed labels of every single vial. You can see this in the pics. And from my experience this is a good sign.