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This is my 8th week using Primo from GK at 400mg a week. Show prep is soon. Switching to short esters.

This cycle:

Test E 450mg/weekly

Deca 300mg/weekly

Primo 400mg/weekly

Will stock up on GK primo and run a longer dose in the spring.

No karma/thumbs up please (I dont want to play that game anymore)

Instead leave a helpful comment or ask a question.

Thanks for looking, keep up the hard work!!!

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Shredded and big = great combo. Keep it up my guy

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Scary big! Great work ethic

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Just had to stop in and say Great work brother, looking lean and mean right here, a lot of hard ass work right there my man! Kudos

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I appreciate the support boss!! Gotta do the grinding and dieting now!!! Will update in 3 weeks

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Looking great brother. Good luck on Show!!!

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Thanks boss, its go time!!!

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Boom +

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Jesus! You're killing it!!

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Goodluck on your show. Can you say your pinning protocol
Ive been seeing alot of the pro’s shooting even test cyp everyday

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Mon/Thurs I pin for longer esters. I am not a fan of pinning so ED is out. Even EOD can get annoying after a while.

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Thanks for the reply. Keep kicking azz

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Looking massive. I like the combination of Deca and Primo. Deca gives me noticeable hairloss and deca dick, even with the low dose, after as small as three weeks of usage though. Its still potent as fuuk and really does great job for my joints and overal strength.

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You look airbrushed, but obviously aren’t. God bless you, Bro! Amazing!

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I appreciate that boss!

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Beast mode on bro

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Appreciate that boss, I enjoy the grind!

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Thank you brother!!! Excited to start short esters and burn some fat!!!

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Look great !

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Thank you, I enjoy your products. Well deserved, detailed review coming this weekend! Appreciate the service

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Looking great bud especially for such low compound use.

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Thank you, I appreciate it. As I age, I have realized loads of gear comes with a price! I try to keep all cycles moderate/lower levels.

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Looking great brother, good luck on your show

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Thanks brother. Getting shredded is now the mission, which I love to hate. I'll update again

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I know how that is man, looks like you have stayed tight from your last show. Got very well balanced physique reminds me of your avatar the great Shawn Ray

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Shawn Ray is an interesting cat. But to be 205lb-212lb against Haney, Yates and Coleman and place high seems impossible. He is one of my favs along with Serge Nubret, Zane, Haney. I like symmetry and conditioning. Thanks for posting brother. I dont get to talk bodybuilding enough lol

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Those guys are all great bodybuilders from the 80s, Haney still one of my fav physiques, especially his last Olympia where he was his heaviest, retired so young.

Would of loved to have seen Shawn in person at his peak like @press1 did.

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I actually met Shawn Ray in Powerhouse Gym at Huntington Beach back in 1996. I had family that lived out there back then and a guy I knew in the gym introduced me to him. He was the first proper bodybuilder I had ever seen in those days esp. on gear. I was blown away by the size he was and his arms. That cage fighter Tito Ortiz was also in there who was big in MMA at the time, it all seemed like another world to me at the time as a 130lb kid Lol

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Absolute brilliant. How do you find running primo and decca together? I'd look into running a cycle very similar but the test maybe at 250mg a week

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I have had zero issues. Deca at 300mg weekly is low for most so I enjoyed it.

Primo at 400mg felt great! Thanks for asking

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Weight was 239.4lb this morning