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+ 9 Getting ready to start first contest prep


Where I’m at before starting first ever contest prep in a couple weeks. Ready to get it over with and get back to growing

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I see you too bro, wide af

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Big Back woah! Good size and can see muscle definition too

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I’m probably 256 here. This was a bit ago. I’m sitting at 249 now. And bodybuilding. I want to get as big as I can so that’s where I’d have to go at some point anyway

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That’s a wide back, I like it.
Will be great to see the changes after dieting.
Try to enjoy the the prep, doesn’t have to be a punishment

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For sure you’re absolutely correct. I love the work. I just get impatient with the process occasionally

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Great size and shape on your back. You have a great pair of wings and when you get closer to the contest you are really going to have V-Taper that is out of this world. Good luck in your contest.

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Appreciate it. My waist looks wider from the front lol

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Good size on your back. Should look nice once cut up. Good luck

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Thanks. It’s all a work in progress

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Outta boy looking good! You’re gonna do great on your first prep. I also hired a coach and will be starting my first diet down with him see how I’m looking and if I’m ready for the stage. I’m interested in your journey my guy will be lurking --


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Hell yeah man just fucking go for it. No real reason not to. And thanks we’ll see how it turns out. I’m tall so I feel like I’m going to look skinny. Just looking forward to rebounding and pounding some food and growing again afterwards

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Let's gooo

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Looking good!

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Working on it!

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How long is your prep? You look fairly lean from the back so far.

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I’m probably not as lean as the picture looks. If I had to guess I’d say 15% bf. Still faint but clear abs. I get lean fast tho. My body wants to be skinny lol it takes alot of food for me to grow. Prep will be 16 weeks

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You’re probably a lot like me, except I lose fat in my back last. Just make sure to carb up a ton, it takes a lot to fill out if you are someone whom already eats a lot normally

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Yeah my fat is right in the mid section. My legs are relatively lean too it all just goes to my stomach and love handles lol and yeah I got a good coach who actually has a similar body to mine to help me get it handled

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Good luck brother

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Thanks man