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+ 35 Get'r Done - MISSION COMPLETE!!!


A couple weeks into dieting and things are changing pretty quick.

Mind is IN the WIN mode and the body seems to be following!

Many weeks to go and I'll be updating best I can...yes, I KNOW my camera is still very much shit. LMAO

In Red shorts...Friday/Saturday of last week and after some GOOOOOOD eating. =)

Grey shorts...recent and just prior to leg day.

Roidsource (Qtropin HGH) was upped to 10iu/day few weeks back along with some of the usual prep goods...NO/ZERO/NONE tren will be used!

Sticking to the very, very basic old school compounds and NONE/ZERO/NO Diurhetics (maybe dandelion root) will be used!

I'm very happy how fast progress is coming along and feeling very healthy thank GOD.

Have a great week everyone.

Train for PURPOSE!

Blue Shorts added...4days from grey shorts and cuts getting little deeper and more veins.
* Bathroom shots in burgandy shorts added 8/8/21 approximately 13days from original pics*
NUDES...lol. My bad but thankfully my camera sucks as well so you don't get to much "in ya face" at once. Taken Aug 14 and after a very healthy cheat meal and shower

Pics in bathroom are pre/post Friday WAR paint added...still had more drying out to do (wating show pics etc.) but we were ready.

Thank you for all your support everyone and I will be making my PRO DEBUT before the end of the year!!!

Prayers for health, safety and a successful VICTORY welcomed

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wow i have no word just beautiful

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I love the Blue Schlong protector in between your legs Pal!!!! LMAO

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Hey, it was cold!!!


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Awesome conditioning !!!

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Appreciate the kind words. I'll certainly be surpassing this look entirely for the Pro Debut coming up later in the year!

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Holy shit brother congratulations!!

You look insane I know from seeing your posts,that you’ve been dedicating a Big part of your life on these competitions and finally you got a pro card
well deserved!!
Very motivational pictures!

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Thank you S5!

I"ve actually had very limited competitions over the past 24yrs as I believe in competing when ready for the next phase rather than endless competing at the same level unless you haven't won your class or overall in previous shows. Requalifying makes sense as well when/if needed.

I see far to many burn out doing multiple shows in a year much less for several years if only to collect more of the same level trophies unless one just enjoys competing as an amateur and uses it for personal annual goals.

Would have liked to have turned pro a couple decades back as planned but GOD had other things in store with me having to pull out of prep 2-3 times based on very odd circumstances until recently.

However, I would not change anything. I feel now is the best time for me to go pro as I am NOT willing to make the same sacrifices I would have being younger and less informed/experienced.

NOW, was the right time and as always God's timing is perfect. At least for me when I take the time to see it from his view.

Appreciate the well wishes and ready to get a few big wins before considering retiring for good.

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Last photo is mental. Great work

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Good to hear from you.

Not to shabby and glad I left plenty in the tank for the big show end of year. Should be bigger, fuller and even sharper condition based on the plan. God willing everything goes as such!

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Congratulations on the pro card brother! You’ve always been a monster. You looked phenomenal going in.

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Thank you Soulja!

Fine line on water etc. but with using a herbal diuretic much easier to contend with.

This was 88%...99% for the Pro Debut before the end of year is just about ready to get started!

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Excellent work bro

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Thank you sir.

Just keeping up with the young guns for a little longer.

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Fantastic to hear

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Thank you WC!

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Molinin, THANK YOU!

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Holy shit!!!! PROFESSIONAL!!!!

Woooo hoooo

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Yeah, not to shabby for an older gent!

I'll bring a much better package for the big show at the end of the year, it will be my Pro Debut. Had to save some for the big kahuna.

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Exotic indeed! Congrats...and those lats!

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Appreciate the kind words 8BALLER.

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INCREDIBLE - Very Well Done on the Pro Card Pal Dirol

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Had to check it off the list one more time...once in Natural and know once in Untested!!!

Next stop, PRO DEBUT before the end of year.

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Holy shit dude!! Congratulations on the Pro Card, that's a lot of hard work there, glad to see you push through!! I had a buddy competing there;-)

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Thank you sir!

For some reason it won't let me click no the thumbs up?!?

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I think you only get so many votes per day lol, happened to me a few days ago. No worries brother, you deserve the thumbs up!! Good

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You look great. What kind of cycle are you on?

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Looks awesome man ! You gave me extra motivation.
What’s your very basic old school compounds ?

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Do you use hgh / insulin and T3 ?

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Yep, couple recent bathroom pics (no filter of course) and starting to get flat but enjoying the fast progress of just under 2weeks work from original post.

4 weeks in with just a few left to go!

Even BIGGER and more SHREDDED changes expected. Playing everything by mirror including diet. Very flexible on that and supplements are very moderate without any use of the usual harsher compounds most go to for prep.

I wanted to go old school on that and save some tools for the ol' toolbox if needed for the big show later in the year.

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Thank you PC!

Appreciate the kind words!!!

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Going with the flow on this one.

First time starting a prep right after an 11-12 week recovery period as opposed to a huge grow season. Body was certainly ready and wasn't having any CNS/Gear/Training/Eating issues since I backed off during that down time considerably.

Certainly interesting experience.

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Nice work as always! +

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Thank you MD!!!

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Nice work brother. Looking fkin awesome!! +1

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Appreciate you BT!

Light years ahead this week and changes by the day. Very blessed and feeling good.

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Pro on the way!
The density is already showing. Can't wait to see the graininess of that mature muscle in the final product. Prayers going out for a successful prep and show.

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Truly appreciate you and the PRAYERS Makwa!!!

Yes, its clicking very well this prep thus far and keeping things more moderate as well. Limiting things and how much seems to be working great and will be easier to remedy as/if needed during the next few weeks.

Prayers are most welcomed and Thank You.

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I do have to get some done this time around.

I'm expecting this to be my biggest and best form to date and recording that for memory is something I don't do that much of in general. HONOR and GLORY to GOD first and a little memoir for victories in his name would be an added blessing.

Biggest issue I've had with photo shoots (if I am paying for it) is not getting sole rights to MY WORK and likeness. If I am paying a professional to do the shoot I don't expect them to have unlimited use of my likeness etc. without my permission.

If they are doing it free as a mutual exchange or if I am being paid to do the shoot than that is a different story but with some protections in place still needed.

Tough to find these days. Guess I need to just a great camera and find a photographer in the making to use my gear so that there are less issues.

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Thank you Alexio!

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top work

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