+ 7 Focal shot. Delt seperation


4 weeks into a 16week cycle. Feeling good. Npp. Test. Mast. Low dose var and proviron before bed.

Currently taking 4iu gh split morning afternoon. I had a couple kits left over from my last order/cycle of the oneq blues. I also have the new overdose batch which I'll be starting soon.

Starting to feel the veins pop all over the body. I just feel great. PS. Sorry to nickel and dime the pics but I just lost a crap load of karma. I do like the new layout. But it's also bittersweet like saying goodbye to an old hot girlfriend. I've pretty much been here since the beginning with years of breaks in between and no AAS. I've never gone in deep on the forums personally because of the black hole or abyss that a pot forum sucked me into during my 20s. This has been the only anabolic site I've been a part of and to me that's special. I will surely miss the old layout. But eroids is alive and evolving always has been. So it's more like she's like that hot girlfriend that decided to stay but just changed up the lingerie =) I love this place and all you guys and gals. Stay liftn'

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What is your doses of Npp and mast with test? Also looking good. Keep up the hard work

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Rock solid!

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Looking greaaaat !!

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Lookin Good Pal +

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Solid man, solid.

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Skin is looking thin. Should really be poppin by end of cycle.

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Thanks hey quick question, do you think I should fast at all after hitting the GH. I'm doing morning afternoon. Thanks for any input you're looking solid bro

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I don't think there is a need to fast at all by going to that extreme. I just don't pin it on a full stomach.