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+ 12 Everybody wants pics up so here is mine!


Like the title says, here is a pic of me from today. Nothing special, there is always stuff to work on for sure. Keep in mind, I'm going to be 46 this yea, I'm 6' tall and currently at 192lbs. 140 mg of trt, +/- 500mg primo, and just started a bit of masteron.

I understand everybody is a work in progress, but a few current pics of everyone from time to time might keep us a bit humble and honest.

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Halsey !!! Ive been gone awhile and just saw this
46 years old. You should give youself more credit MAN!!
You can really turn this into something speacial beofre the summer. Looking like good potential. Keep it going

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Thanks, I appreciate that. I just ran out of the primo yesterday. Roughly a 16 week run, bloodwork in 4 weeks.

Diet is hard and can be expensive, but at my age fucking injury is always knocking on the door.

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For sure. Be careful.

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Nicely done halsey. ++

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Great job!!

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Good job.. keep up gaining weight. You have really good abs, so make sure those stay.

Good job boss your looking great for summer! +1

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I do tons of abs, it's one part of my body that really responds, unlike my legs.

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Keep it up Halz ...... +1

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Thanks, yeah no plans on changing anything big. This is pretty much me year round.

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Don’t be scared to eat. It’s the only way you’ll get bigger.

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Everytime the wife let's me! I run and bike so I watch my weight for cardio reasons. I'm up 18 lbs from jan 2020.

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Very nice

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What made you choose Mast and Primo? +3 for being a standout!!

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Well, I'm 10 weeks in on the primo and just received a bunch of mast and want to try a little for the rest of my cycle. (5 weeks) The reason for the primo primarily is for muscle retention (and maybe to add a little lean muscle too) from tons of hard cardio. Also the limited sides is always a plus. Basically the stuff doesn't affect my blood work at all. I've never ran mast before and it seems everybody has nothing but positive things to say about it, even at low dose. Probably just run a trt/mast cycle only next time. Thanks

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+1 bro

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Glad u kept the dick root in check hahaha lol

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Its starting to get a little close.

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keep us a bit humble and honest.

I’ve never looked at it like that but you put it very well. I’ll add it builds trust as it easier to take advice off someone when you know what they look like. As Viking said “let the photos do the talking”.


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Thanks, everyone's goals might be a little bit different. Obviously I cant give much personal advice on bulking, how to get 21 inch biceps, and 450+ bench presses. But I'm always more than happy to help were I can.

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Lean mean fightin machine!

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What do you think my body fat is? 12%?

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Btw Rusty, I'm probably an 85% a crossfit guy.

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Follow the goals...keeps life easy

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Thanks man, I appreciate it.

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For some reason I was expecting to see a big green pickle with the flailing arms going everywhere. Keep it up.

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No pickles this time. Thanks

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So mid/late 40s, 6' and under 200lbs. Healthy lines with visible abs, vascularity in the arms, gets the plus from me guy. Keep it up! I'm betting that blood profile is on point also.

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Thanks, the bloods are spot on typically.