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+ 3 Enhancebody.is Touchdown


Order touchdown!

Ordered from: 
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It was a touchdown pic. If you know, you know. EL’s products are top notch and unbeatable. It was a touchdown pic. We’ve all used gear. I guess I shouldn’t have assumed everyone would know it’s juice.

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Know it's juice, but was rather curious as to which exact compounds specifically . No shade intended bro

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It’s a 10pk of Test E and 5 bottles of orals. No labels makes it safer and passes the deal on to you. He gives the template or If you make a decent order he’ll print them up for you. Or it gives you the chance to do your own brand.

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Shampoo and BAC water

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I have no idea what this is a pic of. Looks like water in some vials and unlabeled pill bottles. Thanks for the detailed description, OP

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It’s a touchdown pic. This is a gear forum. Apparently you did know what you were looking at. Gear.

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So I do half of this, about 1ml of that and few different colors of pils, what a hell of a cycle stack! Smile

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No labels no description?

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Dats hi hi high quality h2o

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Should we just guess what this is?

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It appears so....TestE and Deca my guess....you?

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It’s Test E and orals

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Anything but tren and suspension? Lol

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I have looked at these guys a couple of times and always wanted to make a purchase.
Have you used their gear before? What was your experience?

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Yeah, this is the 4th time I’ve gone through him for fear. Never any pip and always top quality. I found out about him by his HGH promo. Prices are unbeatable.