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so like im eating alot of carbs 600+ grams a day im taking 40 mg dbol a day and 600 mg test e a week. Im holding slot of water but not long ago I was 130 pounds and I like where my bulk is headed. I never really wanted to be shredded and all that I want to be bulky. I'm enjoying this round more than my first to be honest

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Hell yeah dude. I totally relate to just wanting to be big lol. Prob 7-8 years ago I was doing a 5/3/1 type program with a starting body weight of 155lbs. My heaviest was 217 after I did a 6k calorie bulk which seemed to go on for months . That was awesome for awhile until I realized my cardio was god awful and I hadn’t had abs for the first time in my adult life lol. Anyways, glad to hear you’re bouncing back. I’m getting my diet dialed back in after a 4 year hiatus from the weights, big food n gear. Thx for the motivation . Keep killin it

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Looking strong bro! +1

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I need to up my carbs again. +1

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I remember you were pretty ill weren't ya Pal - wasn't it a car crash with a woman running a red light or similar?

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She blew a stop sign t boned me and my rib broke and stabbed into my lung. Dropped down to 130 pounds after it was all said and done
This is me now though

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Nice one Bud - Storming ahead!