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Will be starting a Cycle next Week. Test at 500 Deca 600 for 12-14 weeks, I have not once experienced any negative sides from running Nandrolone higher than test. Just keep estrogen and prolactin in check. Dianabol 40mg daily for 4 weeks. Have plenty of Ai and Caber on hand. Excited for some solid gains. I have never been more consistent.

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Lookout. Looks like Quadzilla in this photo. Awesome quads brother. Keep up the great work.

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Keep growing those quads!!! Nice work brother

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Lots of hard work showing!

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good shit bro........Curious to see the Whole Package ( Not literal package lol)

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Stop lying bro!

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You longer and wait to snipe me dog lmao

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Tree trunks. Awesome work brother.

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Great shape, very veiny. This is a good starting point for a mass building cycle.
Which you a lot of gains !

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Nice wheels bro.
Keep it up

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I usually only like legs with heels on.
But dabm looking great at the start cant wait to see the finished product. Goodluck

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Hahaha that made me chuckle