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crazydoser US Domestic goods


I needed to stock up on Adex and Nolva. Got some HCG too.
Fast shipping. Was delayed a few days by current postal delays.
Landed 1 week after placing order.

Arimidex ASTRA ZENECA 28 1mg tabs x1
Pharma grade brand I have used before and trust.
Well made tabs split perfectly.

ANASTROZOL 25 1mg tabs x1

I have used these before and trust them.

TAMOXIFEN CITRATE 20 10mg tabs x2

TAMOXIFEN CITRATE 30 20mg tabs x2

As always I placed the order on my Megadeth T shirt.

Thanks again CD for the easy ordering process, fast shipping, and quality products.

Ordered from:
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The finer things in life

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CD is really crazy, great order bro!'s picture

dude CD is the most under rated source on eroids hands down.

He was the first source I used when I found eroids and I still use him to this day , His gear is premium .

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Underrated because CD doesn't run a bunch of promos to move up in source ratings. Quality every time.

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I wouldn't say underrated, I would say unaffordable to most users on here. As other sources runs promos, he raises prices. He is great for the pharma grade gear ( which is why I pay the prices) but not everyone can afford it.'s picture

100% true.

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Man the more i hear about CD the more i wanna give em a torn between them and two other good sources...

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Looks good man, can’t beat the real deal!

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imo the AstraZeneca pharma grade brand Adex is as good as it gets when it comes to Adex. I split them with a knife on a paper plate and they last a good while. Pill cutter would probably be better but they spilt fine for me with a good knife. Some people don't wanna pay for pharma grade Adex, but that box of 28 1mg tabs will last 112 days at .5mg eod and I know it's legit.

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Awesome score!!! Ive got a few items im looking at from them

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CD has some hard to find items. And quality too.