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  • Ultimo   •   Wed, Jul 31st, '19 04:21   •   1 reply, 280 views

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Pack has landed pretty fast, EU dest, T/A was 4 days. Pro and discreet packaging as always by dfs.
This time my order was Test-e gear and ancylls for PCT:
30x BP Enandrol Test-e (1ml, 250mg/ml)
90x Teva tamoxifen (20mg)
30x Pfizer aromasin (25mg)
100x Pharmacom Clomos (50mg)
10x Kenwoo Test-c (1ml, 300mg/ml) was a present from Dfs, thank you very much bro! :-)

Everything I got is legit and top quality. I'll write full review post cyc.
I'm fully satisfied with everything I got, buy-as is a trustful source, providing pro service!
Yep, BP Test is cool new design


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  • 6 months ago

BP look good new packs .