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  • Codenamekitten   •   Sat, Mar 23rd, '19 06:36   •   7 replies, 205 views

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Hello everyone,

I donate blood as well, finally, after a couple of donations, they gave me the official card, sort of like an I.D. and so I became a "national donor"...

I will be called every three months...pretty cool honestly because although it doesn't really lower hematocrit, it is a way to get a free complete blood checkup and help somebody survive!

because let's face it, one simple donation every three months is not going to lower your hematocrit.

Although one donation temporary simulates anemia, if you have high hemoglobin that consequently increases hematocrit is because your bone marrow is so enriched and stimulated to produce more red blood cell from the injections...one donation is not gonna cut it.

One donation is gonna make very little close to no difference, particularly with a rich bone marrow that keeps "pumping out" red blood cells.

Believe me, on this one, I've talked to many specialists.

If you actually run into a hematological issue, such as high hematocrit, you are going to end up starting a therapy that here we call "Bloodletting-therapy" where once a week you get rid of 500ml of blood from your system.

Only then is gonna make a difference, when doctors weekly get rid of 500ml and keep doing so until the levels of your hematocrit is back down to generally at least a "45".

As you do this therapy the hematologist will want you to have stopped the cause of such stimulation of the bone marrow into producing so many red blood cells...This means going off of TRT or go off-cycle.

In conclusion, donating blood will help you by getting a free complete check-up...cholesterol, liver enzymes, hematocrit, HIV, Hepatitis and a lot more...is an amazing way to be controlled and in the meantime help somebody else survive!

I hope my bit of information helps somebody,

thank you all.


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  • gatorgear
  • 1 year ago

Awareness! Love it

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thank you man :)

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  • Jorjinio
  • 1 year ago

You did very well Bro your words are the complete true and many ppl will need this help +

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Thank you very much!

It's incredible how many people think that the occasional blood donation will actually have an impact on their hematocrit.

the only "favor you do to yourself' is getting free complete blood exams...

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  • 333
  • 1 year ago

Right on bro

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  • Codenamekitten
  • 1 year ago
  • @333

thanks :)

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  • juiceball8082
  • 1 year ago

Boom! +1