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Balkan SP Labs Vermodje EPF


Thank you CD for another order of high quality gear and fast shipping!

PARABOLAN (100mg amps)
10 X 1ML X 100MG x1
Came with papers in the box.
Amps and Box have same Batch and Exp.

Tren E 200mg/mL x1
SP Labs Tren E 200 has a cap that says "SP Trenbolone Forte 200" and vial is shrink wrapped with plastic that says "SP Laboratories".

20 X 0.25MG x2
The Caber looks great and I don't touch 19-nors without Caber on hand.

Test E 250mg/mL x3
Vermodje Test E 250 is the "New Line" put out by Vermodje in recent times.
Vials come in a box with paper. Vials have a scratch authentication code to verify on Vermodje website.

Test C 200mg/mL x1
Euro Prime Test C 200 comes in a box with paper and vial is shrink wrapped.
I got this just to have an extra vial of Test C on hand.

ISOTRETINOIN (Pharma Grade Accutane)
30 TAB X 20MG x1
I've had this brand before and trust it.

As always I put the gear on my Megadeth T shirt.
I took the best pics I could showing as much detail as possible.

My cycle plan is to run the Vermodje Test solo at 500mg a week until I feel it kick in then add the Balkan Tren Hex. I will switch to the Tren E when I run out of the Tren Hex. I will only be running the Tren a max of 10 weeks and no higher than 200mg a week. This will be my third time to run Tren E, first time to run Tren Hex. The Accutane I'll start when I need it at 20mg eod. The Caber I will start half way through the Tren at .25mg 2x a week and adjust as needed. I already have AI, Nolva, HCG, and some other things all from CD.

I am still preparing for this cycle. I will occasionally post on cycle updates in CD's discussion. Everything I am running in this cycle comes from CD...I said I was going to run a cycle with only CD's gear and I stick to my word. I already have some CD gear pics posted for this cycle and will link all the gear pics in my final review. My review will be comprehensive because I keep detailed on cycle logs.

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Nice order bout to order some of that tren hex as well

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Nice order!! yes the Vermodje are completely changed compared to the old ones I’ve tried the Testover PH from CD
The paper in the box is up there ..very high quality with these scratch peel of verifications against the counterfeit !
High quality brand there’s allot of effort in the quality and packaging juts by seeing this it was worth the Buy
I’m looking at the Gerth with their olive oil carrier
might pull the trigger on that line
Enjoy your gear bro stay safe !

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It's fascinating how things work where these brands come from. I've done some research. Balkan is amazing and CD carries more than a few Balkan items.

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Nice fkn order bro

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Is that hologram integrated or a sticker, on the parabolan box?

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The Vermodje I did some research on. I know the history. I saw the discussion about it. This is their "New Line" as stated on the boxes. The vials have changed, I say this having looked at their older vials online. Vials now have a scratch off verification code. And each vial comes with a paper in the box. The papers are not cheaply done, there is lightly colored brand label in small print all over the paper. They have taken some anti counterfeit steps. And Big Tone ran the same Test E and posted gear pics, progress pics, and bloods...he's always been a straight shooter and is very knowledgeable about gear so I trust him. I will share my experience too.
Thank you brother!

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I don't know the politics of it all and the whole back story from years ago. But what I'm seeing now is quality. I'm excited about my next cycle with these products. I'm not allergic to any carrier oils, I've had many types and no issues. It is good to hear from you bro.

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It's not a sticker it's integrated. And the pic doesn't do it justice, it's a legit hologram when you look at it and move it around, pretty cool tbh

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Ah that's great, enjoy Smile

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Thanks man. I'm excited! But I still have some more off cycle time before I start this cycle. It feels good to have everything I need for my next cycle on hand and ready to go.

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All the Balkan products check out on the manufacturer website. I think it's integrated. I use lots of balkan products from here

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the Tren E Forte 200 is as real as it gets. I ran it twice with absolutely the best results I could have imagined and that was back when I didnt know shit about food. The Tren Hex is also top shelf and strong as all hell. Good luck brother. ( little bit goes a long ass way)

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SP supertren was strong as fk. Surprised he didnt try it

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I looked at it but it has Tren Ace in it and I like longer esters.

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lol.. bro that supertren looks so.. wicked. can probably taste it immediately after.
That there tren has to be respected for sure.. did it give you tren caugh?

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I dont get cough but i get that short of breath and breathing that tren thru the lungs when i hit a blood vessel and my whole body feels on fire lol. The taste is potent post injection and can taste it in breath.

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Shits about to get real up in here!

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That epf packaging is pretty sic.

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I was surprised.
Seria and EXP are same on box and vial. The vial has an ID Code that I checked on their website and it says "Your product is ORIGINAL" and hasn't been checked by anyone else because the website counts how many times an ID Code has been checked and tells how many times. Nice security feature.

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Nice haul!