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  • Eagles 2013   •   Thu, Mar 21st, '19 19:36   •   3 replies, 194 views

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Ordered 5X Atlas Test Cyp and 1X Atlas Deca from My Roid Shop. This was my second order using the US Domestic option, and just like the first it delivered to my door less than a week after the order was placed. Packaging was secure, discreet and there was no damaged product. I will be posting a full review in the next few months after the products have been used and quality assessed.

Thanks gus, you are quickly becoming my go to for US Domestic product!


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  • back40
  • 5 months ago

I gave the atlas line a try and it was good stuff. Enjoy

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  • PallMall
  • 5 months ago

That deca is good stuff

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  • Sam I Am
  • 5 months ago

Looking forward to your feedback.