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  • dbombs   •   Sun, Sep 8th, '19 12:46   •   5 replies, 870 views

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After my previous domestic went private and seeing great reviews about Mr. Raise, I decided to pull the trigger. Ordered my next two cycles worth of gear, which won't begin until early next year. I'm hoping his primo is as good as the feedback. I'll put up a review after I use his gear.

Pack received 3 days after payment. Easy process of ordering and sending donation. Thanks Mr. Raise!


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  • Stickyant
  • 2 months ago

Also curious about the primo.

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  • Toproll
  • 4 months ago

What do the capsules look like? what color are they?

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  • Dudeman24
  • 4 months ago

Nice !

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  • dbombs
  • 4 months ago

My plan is 300-500mg test e w 600mg primo per week for 20 weeks. Last 6 weeks I'll likely add 75mg of var/day.

I've never run primo higher than 600mg/week and I've always had great results. As long as I keep my carbs fairly low, 600mg of primo gives me the solid lean gains I typically look for in a summer cycle.

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  • bearsfan1991
  • 4 months ago

Interested to hear how you like the primo. How are you looking to run it once the time comes?