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  • God is not Dead

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I know it's so cliche but it's true and couldn't have been said in no other way.The more members I see join here tells me that g
God is alive and still working in lives today. The world is so overcome with secular humanism that people are taking to other methods to achieve freedom when a lot of us here can tell you we have tried virtually everything out there and finally found the true key to peace and hapiness. It wasn't easy and we learned the hard way each time God has to redirect us. I would like to see more interaction. Jesus Christ speaks of the end times and compares the signs to labor pains. They will get worse and worse and that is our only warning. We are seeing those pains now in Florida high Schools to out west wild fires to maybe stuff right in our own hometowns. But the bible does say every knee shall bow and every tongue confess so thank him for still giving everyone the opportunity to come to him.


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God is great!

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There’s been many things in my life I look back on that couldn’t be chance. Some of them it took me 20 years to realize. Eventually His plan works. You just have to try to make the best decisions you can and have trust.

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Hebrews 13:8  Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and for ever.
In a world with so much inconsistency & unstableness, I’m thankful that I serve a God that is alive & never changes! What good is a god that isn’t alive, that can’t hear, can’t speak, that has no power to heal or save & a god that can’t be everywhere at one time & know all things? Our God is not dead, Amen!!
This world will wax worse & worse. God knew it & moved upon Holy men of old to prophesy of it in the scriptures. As bad as things are, it’s also exciting as well! There has never been a greater opportunity afforded to us Christians to reach the lost. We now have the greatest world population than ever & it continues to grow. With a larger world population, we see crime in a greater numbers & the #1 culprit is drugs. The scripture says we would hear of wars & rumors of wars & earthquakes in divers places, because the love of many would wax cold iniquity shall abound & ect.... it goes on to say that the end shall not yet be! Why?? Here’s the best part!
Mat 24:14  And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.
We live in a world where people are unhappy, unsettled & many have faced pains of life in ways that scar & they are looking for something. The look in drugs, alcohol & porn & many ways to fulfill what’s missing & seeking help. With all the bad, our God that is not dead has given an opportunity to preach & witness to a world that’s in dire need of a savior before the end. We must not just tell of a God that isn’t dead, but let them see God in our lives in such a way that the desire what we have!
Thank God that he’s able as you said to heal an addict instantly! I was in withdrawal & had been for several days when I made my way to an alter one night & God saved me, delivered me & healed me!! I started on pills cause of a degenerative back, but God healed my back that day & I’ve never needed even an aspirin for that pain again!! When we’ve been where these others are & can relate, we can be a great witness of God’s deliverance & salvation.

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You have the spiritual gift of evangelism, thanks for adding in. I can't wait to leave this temporary shell. Our lives here are only temporary, this is not our true homes. I am sure Billy Graham is not mad at where he is right now.