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  • Help Advice Injury muscle sprain?: Cutting cycle what to do?

  • trock1988   •   Wed, Sep 24th, '14 06:14   •   0 replies, 528 views

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I'm on a 12 week cycle and I just finished my 4th week. I got an injury during middle of 4th week. I was jumping to climb a rope and I accidentally missed didnt catch the rope and pulled/ slight tear of bicep muscle.

My ultrasound didnt show any tear so what could it be? anyone experienced similar injury?

Should I wrap my cycle and stop run pct? am running Test prop/tren acetate with HGH at the moment. not sure how long it would take to heal.

any advice from the vets would be much appreciated. my thought process is to stop and not risk of making the case worse and I was thinking of getting an MRI done would that help?

Thanks in advance.