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  • Bulky   •   Fri, Jun 5th, '15 09:09   •   2 replies, 494 views

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Well I've finally been released to slowly start working weights back in following a full shoulder replacement 12 weeks ago. Originally had been told it would be 6 months before I could even think of getting back in the gym, but surgeon and physical therapist are impressed with recovery up to this point. My question for you guys is this.....

What are some safe exercises to start re-engaging the delts and surrounding muscles? I'm looking for most beneficial to activate some sad little muscle fibers that have not been used much over the last 4-5 months.

Exercises I'm already doing...
front raise
45* raise
side lateral
cable face pulls for rear delt

Thanks in advance.


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  • MonstrousS
  • 3 months ago

Hey man I hope things are better now!

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  • gmandnd007
  • 4 years ago

Holy sht I've been told I'm going to be a good candidate. I know I'm not helping you question but I'm curious what its like and so far was it worth it?