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  • Chest pain

  • Emperor   •   Mon, Mar 24th, '14 18:13   •   2 replies, 820 views

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Today I was training my chest - it's monday so its international chest day LOL :D
During my warm up I felt some pain in my chest, it was weird, but I decided to start training. I lied down on bench and start pressing, it was warmup so I used 60kilos. And this wierd pain got back. I felt it all the time during my training, and I still feel it.
It's like part of my chest is swollen, and it feels like somene grab it and squezze it. Really wierd.
I'm using 40mg var/ed and 100mg prop+125mg enan/eod for about 3 weeks.
Maybe the reason is that I started using serious weights, and my muscles or joints or tendors are not ready for this party ?
I'm attaching a pic with marked places that hurts. Maybe somebody has an idea waht is going on ?


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  • Zydex Pharma
  • 4 years ago

20 controlled Breaths a day can help you. changing your diet to more VEG and apple Juice. sorry cant help but that will help you in general. :]

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  • gmandnd007
  • 4 years ago

Look up costochondritis similar symptoms to what I get sometimes. But thats what I've been diagnosed with.