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  • 5th knee surgery

  • BeastMode5085   •   Mon, May 26th, '14 13:53   •   1 reply, 522 views

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looking for advice to speed recovery. I just had my 5th knee surgery in the past 8 years from playing football. This last one was while coaching. I have had ACL 2x, MCL 1x, Miniscus 3x, PCL 1x, LCL 1x. I have been lucky to come back from each and have recovered great. The biggest questions I guess is has anyone had this kind of shit happen and been able to fully lift again on legs? I was squatting over 350 late in HS and college until this shit happened. Now I struggle with 135 15 times. I do a lot of leg press and extensions/curls etc but I want to squat again. any advice? Gear usually helps after I am done with rehab but I am staying off for a while due to an on going thyroid issue the doc is sorting out. any advice for a wounded brother?


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Yes Beastmode

very sad to hear that :[ I have been injured for 10months with a torn Knee going for surgery in MONTH. The best thing I would say is no heavy lifting again ever. its not worth it man. you have to live your life without hurting every day. But if i was to use something I would use GH, thats just me throwing out a suggestion no true answer if it will work. But worth a try.

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