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  • Scammed and I'm mad as hell Gear-University. Org

  • ironforce0524   •   Sun, Nov 13th, '16 21:22   •   4 replies, 388 views

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Here goes, and this is a lesson for everyone to learn by and to shoe just irresponsible these Web site owners truly are when it comes to providing us with up to date information regarding any problems they may have as far as the security of their site. I have been ordering form the top ten sources on Eroids for about 3 years now, and never have I been scammed , we'll this time I was by a famous well known provider by the name of Gear-University.com...my brother has been ordering from this site for about 2 years now...I decided to order for myself , tired of bugging my bro. Anyhow , this is what went down. I tried to log on to the site and it was down. A few days later the site sent me an email offering 30% off promo for all its members. I jumped on it...only thing is they now only accepted bit coin. So I open a Bitcoin Wallet account on my phone I went to the nearest check cashing place and deposited $2,000 on wallet I was charged 15% so you can imagine what kind of loss I'm looking at now I was going to place an order for $1,800 but I said no something didn't feel right my instincts were telling me you're just too good to be true but I didn't follow my instincts either way I just said it and I ordered something around $369 a year and long story short the f*** alone compromised they had an entire listing of all their customers and they never bother to email us and tell us we have been compromised be careful don't order from this site you know it would have been cool if they would have done that right like I said they don't give a f*** about nobody Breaking Bad that's the owner's name of the site who happened to email me very nonchalantly oh that's a scammer site after I emailed him cuz I never got my order you know he said it like you're f****** bad you're f****** stupid and pisses me off and I heard from my brother and he never received an e-mail either and that the site had been compromised if anything he got an email from the scammers site and he gave me the info and I ordered . It's crazy how we allow ourselves to trust these selfish Ba****'s I for one am done. That's my complaint of the day . Thank you and all buyers beware.. Gear-University.com has been compromised and they have everyone's email and personal info. The scammer site is called Gear-University.org and is identical to the .com site. Down to accepting your password.


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  • 2 months ago

Damn dude I'm sorry for what happened to you but if you want a real reliable source and you want your gear in 3 days go to click on the US section and any one of the top three are all reliable but the third one is the one I used and I get myself in 3 days and the gear is cheap as hell

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  • 4 years ago

In fairness we were all on top of that hack very quickly and it was posted in bold letters not to order. If you have been ordering for three years as you claim (and then walked back saying your brother did) you would know better.

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Darth Pale is right. I should have taken the time to check what was going on...I was mad and still am at the coward ass hackers that did this to me and others. Breaking bad does care about his people . I was to quick to judge and condemn . So , my apologies to all...in the future I will control my temper before I lost a complaint. Gear-University is a good solid to go to source. He even made orders right for the people that first got scammed. One cannot expect him to make good on every single last scam. After discussing this with him, he made many facts clear to me. I will be ordering from him soon, he has taken a loss as well, I have been inconsiderate and only thought of my loss. My mistake. Thank you Darth Pale for bringing this to my attention. Take care and have a great day.

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