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  • Disabling follow up comments to a post

  • waltr   •   Thu, Jun 6th, '13 12:01   •   2 replies, 730 views

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I receive e-mail updates to posts that I've commented on and I disable certain ones so I don't end up with 200 e-mails. The problem I'm having is that the link that's supposed to disable follow up comment e-mail notifications only works about half of the time. The actual link goes to a page and it says the notification has been disabled, but I'm still receiving e-mails every time a comment is made.


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  • 7 years ago
  1. Go to your profile and disable "Receive content follow-up notification e-mails".
  2. Make sure you don't enable "Email me when i get a reply" in the comments box.
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  • Nitti
  • 7 years ago

That's been an issue for a while. I would bring it to the website feedback section and ask BFG