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I'm in my offseason for physique (since November). Won the open division and was told to keep my size but work on conditioning (I agree.. I had another 3 or so lbs to lose and come in really sharp- it was supposed to be my "warm up show" but life threw me some fucking hand grenades and I wasn't able to hit the second show) And while I was told to keep my size, I need to add more to be competitive at the larger regional shows... (The only curveball is the NPC's announcement that they will be looking for a 15% reduction in muscle for WPD in 2016- whatever the fuck that means, idk. I'll be glued to the Arnold to see how they are awarding).

Currently running prop (150/wk) and will be adding npp shortly (75/wk) for what will be my 6th cycle. Running both until February. Will then be bridging with anavar and then contemplating running mast and possibly low dose tren so I can see how I respond in the offseason before adding to a prep and taking a chance that I'll have an adverse response. I haven't formulated my whole cycle yet but am bouncing around ideas and both coach and I agree on the mast/tren but I gotta admit I'm intimidated by tren.

Any thoughts on this? (Come on, Tony lol) I'd post in the LL but I'd rather not hear people telling me women shouldn't male hormones, etc. I have no time for that nonsense.


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  • 4 years ago

In physique as well as every other division like womens and mens bodybuilding , men and womens physique etc the size games isn't as important as proportions and conditioning. From the comp pics I saw of you id say conditioning needs to be worked on. Conditioning and proportion will trump size 10 out of ten times, the only time it will get beat is in bodybuilding because there is no size limit. In mens and womens physique I've seen both men and women judged down for coming in too big and too hard. The show pics I've seen of you , you outsized the competition , it was not an even playing field in that aspect. Now your conditioning needed work. Obviously nationals are a different ball game , usas are the hardest but it all comes down to who shows up.

As far as packing on a ton of size id be careful with that , because nothing will be shitter then coming in a top shape big , hard and proportional and getting judged down and not winning , watched it happen many of times in bikini, figure and physique. Especially with the latest announcement on the size thing in physique (but we will see how that plays out). You really cant go by the pro shows either because they will start enforcing that rule at nationals and national qualifiers, they obviously aren't going to judge down Juliana for being too big , but stranger things have happened.

I will also add I've seen how lean you can get , I would suggest a 14 to 16 week prep nothing less to get into peak shape that way you don't rush and lose muscle and can come down slow leaning out without overly stressing yourself out in more ways then one allowing your cortisol levels to rise and holding water due to stress and other issues.

Do I think you need tren? Not at all and I cant stress that enough!
Womens physique is not just about size, conditioning and proportions , its also about femininity hence why the higher players in the game are where they are because they don't look like iris kyle and im not talking her body , im talking her face, I respect her a lot. It also comes down to genetics , some ifbb women bodybuilders keep some femininity in their face but they don't have to to place well. Hence why womens bodybuilding is going the way of the dinosaurs and womens physique is taking over. Once you get that look , its over, you ever seen a retired female ifbb pro bodybuilder? Not all that hot in the face.

Now im not saying this to be negative or derogatory towards you, its the truth. If you want to gamble with it by all means its your decision and your body, but I do not think you need tren by any means. A little mast , primo , npp , sust , prop , var , Winnie, clen and the likes sure. Thinks like t4 and thyroid manipulators are straight shit and can cause irreversible sides to your thyroid , sure are there people who will say "well I did it and im fine" sure but im not willing to gamble with that as ive seen the after math. The after math of not being able to lose weight or put any on and watching the body pretty much eat itself or getting fat. My wife will never ever run that , ive watched her get super lean without half that shit. I also will not let her do tren , by the time it gets carried away its too late and it just plain isn't needed.

Same with all the hardcore diuretics like lasik and the likes. I've known quite a few people who died from electrolyte/ sodium out of balance with the diuretics like lasik and dnp and the likes. I'm not willing to gamble with my life for a plastic trophy and a card that no one gives a shit about when you get. The people I've seen fuck themselves up where extremely knowledgeable and had the physique to back it up and believed it wouldn't happen to them , well it did and we lost good ones and im not talking about the big names that got publicity , im talking national competitors and under.

Some things are just not worth the issues , I don't even use tren because I can accomplish what I need without it and ive seen the damage it can do and it isn't worth the side effects in my eyes, but people are lead to believe its needed and all the "top competitors" do it and this one and that etc etc. Well there are many more that run less than many of the people here and look 100% better.

That's my opinion.

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First, as I told you, of course I want your opinion, I value it... And I don't take things personally, I'm a big girl. Thanks for taking the time to write all of that.

I agree completely about conditioning. I could have been harder and leaner, especially in my legs- those real deep cuts and striations didn't show. I have the size and the shape, just needed a bit more work. I can get lean and can suffer through prep, so it's not a question of being able to grind it out, maybe it's a coaching question, idk.

In the pics I showed you, I def outsized those girls (yay for short muscle bellies) But they weren't really tough competition. One of the chicks went to nats and was in the bottom of her class.. The very bottom. I'm struggling with that question of do I get bigger and if so, how much bigger... I don't want to out grow the physique look and with the changes coming to physique, I could very well do that, and like you said, end up losing placing because of it.

I don't assume that I need it at all, it was discussed as potentially running a low dose the very last few weeks. I've seen how big of a dickface it can make my bf so I am reluctant, beyond how verilizing it is. I don't know any one else on it and haven't talked to anyone- I also don't know how much of a difference it couldn't truly make. It makes me nervous, as I said... Keeping my femininity is extremely important to me, it always has been and absolutely isn't worth some trophy- and you're completely right, it's not a problem until it's too late.

On a whole other side note, I can't see myself competing for years. I love it but honestly, I have babies on the brain and I'm aware that the harder I push chemically and the more I tax my system, my chances decline. (And Tony, you're aware of some of my other issues too... )

Its jumping the gun, but until I aired it out, I didn't see it. It's easy to get caught up in it all.. And women are so much more delicate than men......

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  • 4 years ago

Sorry.. Let me add... 5'0. Contest weight was 125, idk what bf (I'd modestly guess 11 or 12) but I have two pics up (unfortunately all of my show day pics are already on the Internet and obviously are searchable). I've run primo, winny (tabs and inject), anavar, test, npp and eq. Currently at 145 (need to tighten shit up a bit, admittedly).