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  • bpc 157 precontest

  • SlowBro   •   Sat, May 7th, '16 18:13   •   2 replies, 304 views

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not sure a lot of people in this group have experience with bpc 157 or not, i have used it in the past with good luck. im just curious if anyone knows if there is a reason to not use it precontest? my previous experience with it was off season, so water retention was not an issue.

the basics of the story are that i am 5 and 8 weeks out, i have really pushed hard this prep and pulled out all the stops. things are falling into place perfectly and i was on schedule to have my best showing to date i hope lol. last night i strained my shoulder. its not super painful, but enough to keep me from doing any worthwhile training on delts or chest. its only been 1 day, i was gonna rest my chest and delts for a week and see how things look at that point to decide if i can make the final pushes or call it quits. was thinking of adding some bpc 157 i have laying around from the last time i used it and seeing if that helped at all. just curious if anyone has any experience with the stuff precontest?


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  • tonytulo
  • 4 years ago

If things are going perfect don't over think it and go screwing it up.

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this is probably the best advice to anyone who competes. And something I see happen all to often