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  • Lesner vs Hunt

  • Tron   •   Tue, Jun 28th, '16 20:49   •   2 replies, 465 views

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If anybody has any predictions on this fight id love to hear how you think it will go down..I'm looking at it like this...Brock was fucking killing dudes back in the day..nobody was that big and or powerful..they had to make special fucking gloves for his 4xl hands! He's a juicing motherfucker to and one thing you can bet money on is with a no drug test EXEMPTION for his fight with Hunt...he's going to be juices to the gills..however, it's been years since he's competed ..he's had major surgery...he didn't look good at all in the overeem fight after his surgery...and he doesn't do well when he gets hit..his chin seems decent..but like when Cain Velasquez was hitting him and he ran and did that little roll across the octagon lol what the hell is he going to do when Mark Hunt lands one big shot?? Brick is NOT going to knock Mark Hunt out and he's NOT going to win a stand up fight with Hunt..he's got to take it to the ground and pound him..Hunt may be 42 but he's STILL murking dudes with the one shot walk off and his chin seems to have withstood the test of time..except maybe that flying knee from Werdum..but that was a hard ass flying knee lol..I'm saying Hunt wins by T.k.o. in the second round and we never see Brock Lesner again...bold prediction and I'm sure I'll get some shit for saying it so let me have it lol...what do you guys think?


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  • Zydex Pharma
  • 4 years ago

Yeah i reckon easy win for brock. ground and pound should take long

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  • jimbocron
  • 4 years ago

If Brock takes it to the ground it's over Mark will never get off his back., that being said if the super Samoan puts one glove on the big man's chin lights out. He does not have a boxer's chin. I also believe if it makes it past the 7-minute mark that hunt will be gassed and Lesnar will still be full steam ahead. I think he took the time off to train a lot and then if he's not full of it the surgery should have made him a better athlete. He has a state-of-the-art MMA gym in his backyard so there's no reason he should not have been training the whole time at least when he's not wrestling. But like I said Mark Hunt is a bad mammer Jammer and nothing to f*** with. Hunt has to continue fighting in this division so it's important for him to win a one-off fight with Lesnar. Lesnar is just doing this for his pride which is a powerful thing so it should be a barnburner either way