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  • "Test Flu" - What it is and what to do

  • MakaveliCD7   •   Fri, Sep 6th, '13 20:11   •   8 replies, 1380 views

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“Test Flu” – What it is and what to do

All of us at one time or another has experienced “Test Flu” in our cycles. I want to give some insight to educate the community and give some possible remedies in helping relieve the symptoms. So you can get the most out of your cycle.

First, what is “Test Flu”? It is not an official diagnosis that a physician would label, but a term that is associated with the flu because of the similarity of symptoms. The symptoms have a rapid onset. Often starts with the onset of low grade fever, headache, fatigue, and body aches. Not in that exact order or even all the symptoms listed may occur. Listed below are a few symptoms you may be experiencing:

• fever (low grade) • severe aches and pains in the joints and muscles • generalized weakness • fatigue • headache • dry cough • sore throat and watery discharge from your nose

“Test Flu” varies from individual to individual based on their immune system. It’s the intercorelation between your immune system and your endocrine. If you overload one then the other responds unfavorably. It’s your body’s auto immune response to the foreign substance that has entered your body and caused and influx of hormones. Your body sees the large increase as foreign and tries to get rid of it. Triggering an inflammatory response and raising you metabolism. Once your body builds its resistance to it, the symptoms relieve or even resolve. This usually takes a week or so.

“Test Flu” doesn’t necessarily mean your gear is dirty or that it’s good to go either. That’s more of an urban legend than truth.

Generally, the “Test Flu” is far more common with the short ester preparations like propionate. If you are using TestE then maybe consider to change to Test Cyp

A good rule of thumb is the shorter the carboxylic acid chain, then the greater degree of possible tissue irritation that can trigger the auto immune response. The reason being is these esters are acids, so they cause a localized reaction that the body reacts in a common defensive fashion and thus creating the “Test Flu”

Now this not always the case in every person because please remember we are all engineered differently. So everyone reacts differently to different things.

So what can we do to help to prevent or even reduce the symptoms in the meantime?

My OTC remedy is Vitamin C 4000mg in two split doses (2000mg in AM , 2000mg in PM) a day and Zinc 100mg in two split doses (50mg in AM, 50mg in PM) for a week and drop the dosages in half until symptoms subside. Drink plenty of water to ensure hydration which will also aid in recovery.


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  • onelove
  • 4 years ago

Haven't cycled yet still learning as much as possible before I do. When and if this flu occurs you don't stop the cycle til it passes, correct ?

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  • VladProdigy
  • 5 years ago

Question: If you spend a week getting back from Test flu, should you add an extra week to your cycle to make up for lost time spent training, or is it assumed that you keep training while you're fighting the flu?

Thank you to anyone who responds to my question.

And thank you to MakaveliCD7 for this article. * Thumbs up! *

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  • Irishguy68
  • 5 years ago

did my first pin and got hit with the test flu..........didn't know what it was at first. Gonna try the vitamin c and zinc. Glad I found this advice!

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  • chunkypbnj
  • 5 years ago

Had test flu first week of Prop taper. Body need to get used to the short ester I guess. Second week fully healthy with insane libido.

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  • ksf123
  • 6 years ago

I did my first pin monday. supertest350... before that I was on 1cc every monday of regular test c... The PIP was insane! then bam! Test flu hit me like a ton of bricks Tues night.. This post helped me understand why I felt the way I did.
Good news is that I feel great now (wed morning).. I am about 90% back.
Question.. will these Flu like symptoms come back every time I pin?

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  • Jorg88
  • 6 years ago

Hmm, I want to run Test prop as my first cycle..I dont really fancy this "flu"

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Go with Test enen or cyp. Prop kinda hurts and EOD pinning is nothing to balk at. With TE or TC twice a week pinning.

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  • KhalDrogo
  • 6 years ago

Wow, your article answered all of my questions with me having to ask them.
Very well written and very thorough.

I'm 40 & running my first cycle ever. I did 500mg of Test E split in two dosages of 250mg each.

I used a 23gauge 1" pin. No pip until the next day. Just felt like a small bruise on my glute but it was mostly gone by the 3rd day. Virgin muscle...gotta start somewhere, right?

After the 2nd dose on my other glute, I immediately felt pip & about 4 hrs later, I felt feverish...achy joints, mild soreness in my throat, slightly warm to the touch.

True newb that I am, i logged on to the site, researched and found your article explaining what test flu is.

You set my mind at ease & for that I thank you.