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  • Beginner Cycle 2 or 3: Test E with Prop kicker and Prop taper

  • Doss   •   Sun, Aug 25th, '13 11:04   •   9 replies, 2338 views

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So, we've experienced how our body responds to enanthate alone, and we've experienced EOD pinning with prop at the end of our cycle. We've practiced good site rotation, and have decided we can handle the more frequent pinning. Time to incorporate the short ester kicker.

The AI can be started as soon as day 1, if you choose. For some people that is more beneficial. The exogenous test being pinned will be susceptible to aromatase (even with the AI), so stable e2 levels can be achieved sooner this way. However, the guidelines above are set at a point where e2 levels begin to build up to higher within the normal range (10-50 ng/dl). Therefore, it is recommended to start your AI no later than this point in order to keep e2 from climbing out of range. Sooner won't hurt.

Personally, I believe it's more important for the beginner to wait until week 3 to start. This is so that they can experience the mild sides they get when e2 fluctuates; I.e., acne, body temps, sleep disturbances, etc. this way, they can learn their body better and see the sides subside as the AI takes control. To me, that is important.

When it comes to EOD pinning, please click HERE to refer to the thread on pin sizes for beginners prior to starting.

For clarification on AI's, please click HERE

Any other questions, feel free to ask here on thru PM.

WeekTest ETest PAromasinClomidNolva
1500mg100 EOD6.25-12.5 ED
2500mg100 EOD6.25-12.5 ED
3500mg100 EOD6.25-12.5 ED
4500mg100 EOD6.25-12.5 ED
5500mg6.25-12.5 ED
6500mg6.25-12.5 ED
7500mg6.25-12.5 ED
8500mg6.25-12.5 ED
9500mg6.25-12.5 ED
10500mg6.25-12.5 ED
11500mg6.25-12.5 ED
12500mg6.25-12.5 ED
13100 EOD6.25-12.5 ED
1475 EOD6.25-12.5 ED
1550 EOD6.25-12.5 ED
1612.5 ED100 ED20 ED
1712.5 ED100 ED20 ED
186.25 ED50 ED10 ED
196.25 ED50 ED10 ED


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  • MonstrousS
  • 1 year ago

Interesting. Thanks for posting. Do you feel strongly that the best strategy is to use test only cycles as long as a person can before adding in other compounds? Should a person wait until they have a test only cycle yield minimal results before adding in other things? I am considering using deca for my 2nd or 3rd cycle but I still have more research to do. More likely a good 2nd cycle for me looks much like this one you posted.

The kick start test p you added: how much of an increase in effectiveness do you think that brings, opposed to a 2nd cycle looking just like the 1st cycle? (w1-12 500mg test e with no kicker)

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  • 1 year ago

good information as this is what I am running but with the addition of masteron and EQ but the masteron won’t be added until week 9 of the 18 week cycle of test e and EQ with test prop as kicker

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  • 6 years ago

Doss f.r. sent

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  • 6 years ago

Question. On week 1, would you be doing 2 pins of E to hit 500mg (split up thru the week) and breaking the prop up in to 4 pins. So basically just 2 of prop only?the other 2 with E. Sorry just a little confused. Clarification please. @Doss

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Prop would be EOD and the long ester is always split.

  • anon

You could break up the test e shots as well. So instead of two 250mg shots/week you would do four 125mg shots per week. There is no rule stating test e only has to be pinned once or twice a week. I always mix my test e and prop in the same shots when I can, helps with the pip. Load the test p first, then the test e in the same syringe and you're all set :)

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Mmm makes sense. Good lookin out there brother

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  • bigpinch
  • 7 years ago

Hey Doss, thank you for this cycle layout. I plan on running this cycle as my 2nd cycle. As soon as my BF% hits 10% I'll start I'm about 15 lbs away from my goal. However I have questions. I found another post written by you which is basically the same layout except for the Prop Taper. In that layout you have 100 EOD for the 3 weeks leading into PCT. Is that a typo? If not what is the ideal way to Taper?

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  • crazymofo
  • 7 years ago