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  • Bulkdaddy   •   Sun, Jan 18th, '15 12:17   •   5 replies, 957 views

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I love tren with out a doubt! This last cycle I ran 400 mg bumped it up to 600mg a week and just don't get the same effects as I used to! The only side I get now is I get a little crazy from time to time. Should I up it more the next time to 800mg or maybe a gram. Or maybe should I go with a different source? I don't feel like I get the same rock hard look nor burn as much fat being on it. I guess it's time to up it. My diet is pretty on point.


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  • PPGfreak
  • 2 years ago

Switch your source! We all know how strong Tren is

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  • Rustyhooker
  • 2 years ago

Source.... after many get the client base....underdosed til called out

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  • johnmarshall12
  • 2 years ago

I agree with Irongame427 At 600 mgs you should be ready to roll! You need a good source!

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  • irongame427
  • 5 years ago

Why did nobody help this dude out?

I would look into your source brotha. 600mg of tren e should be plenty, even if you've ran that same dose multiple times. I dont really by into having to up your doses every single time. I believe more in gaining more knowledge in diet and training harder to obtain the results. But also as you get bigger your overall gains from cycles wont be as significant. If a 180lb dude runs a cycle he might put on 25-30lbso of total weight. But then you got someone like my friend who's 5'9 and competes around 230 so hes 250+ offseason so an absolutely great offseason bulking cycle for him would be 10lbs solid. So the bigger you get the harder it is to gain.

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Thanks bro!!! 3 months later lol!! I've been running I think it might have been the gear I was running at 600mg because I finally have night sweats again and incredible strength gains with the new source...I have lost 15 pounds but I'm told I look 230 in person but I actually weigh 195...200 at the end of the day after eating...I'm also 5"10 5"11 depends how big my head is that day!

Test e 600 weekly
Tren e 500 weekly
Mast e 500 weekly
4ius Monday-Friday
I'm 5 weeks in and I feel good also I just added 4 ius Hgh... My diet is good my training is good I'll lift for 1hr 30min sometimes 1 hour... It usually consist of none stop lifting, a lot of super sets, and 30 min of cardio a couple of times a week... I'll hit usually a weak point every other day.....