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  • Bulkdaddy   •   Sat, Nov 7th, '15 23:00   •   11 replies, 1310 views

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So we are all not blessed with big arms. Also I have heard of bodybuilders and pros to bring a couple inches to there arms this way. Not like the fucktards posted all over the Internet. But what are your thoughts on this?


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  • exoticnfit
  • 3 years ago

It is getting easier and easier to spot SEO use in many high level amateurs and pros.

I've been advised by pros that it is a necessity for creating the cartoonish look of full muscle bellies to the next level.

Having become highly proficient in site injections of my prescription test, I can definitely create added illusions fullness to shoulders especially with specific placement. Not that you should not have already some great meat on the bones before starting but clearly the inflammatory response is a welcome addition.

In relation to having a ton of ML's to run in one site by way of an SEO...something just feels "off" in wanting to do so.

I can relate to tweaking a little for a damaged or to support symmetry but with the amount that is being put nearly everywhere these days by many top athletes it really lessens the value of the final piece of art created IMO.

If this were easy everyone would do it and why it is the hardest sport and one of the longest works of ART one can continue to be creative with.

Definitely would be very selective in which brands and being fully informed about what is in each bottle.

Abscesses suck.

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  • Pmob
  • 4 years ago

Not a big fan. It takes hard work and dedication to build muscle.

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  • 5 years ago

I've researched a ton on this. I'd never use it. But, amp muscle pump seems to make a quality seo. People I've spoke w, an seen there actual results were crazy.

Typical protocol was 2-3cc n each head of bicep. I think 3 days a week. Until, u reach desired size. Then u drop down to maintenance dose. Bicep routines consisted of 20-30 reps per set 3-4 exercises.

That's where the whole fst-7 protocol came from. Specifically designed for seo use.

I'd only consider it if I was n big leagues. U can add more size to em w out it.

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  • jimmycrackcorn
  • 5 years ago

yooo....im not trying to sound like a dumbass foreal, but can u shoot synthol in ur dick? that would be badass

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Ive heard of docs doing some type of injections to add girth it was on the man show years back on fx

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word up...thought about trying a pump but my ole lady would be pissed...and it takes alot of work! if i got a shot she would fucking kill me! i would make my own punishtube video!

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  • FillTheSyringe
  • 5 years ago

If youre going to, i would use painless pumps and add some gear to it. 2-3ml PP plus your gear. Ive dabbled a little bit but only pre contest when i got lean and noticed a weak spot. Fill some in there and then really focus on growing the weak spot in off season

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  • Dope
  • 5 years ago

No need

Synthol is for when u are pro and stuck at 18-19 in to get those 20-21 s

Your arm is fine for rest of your body , also volume training , high reps to failure 2x week with stretching ..

Patience ..

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  • Darkhorse777
  • 5 years ago

Well most pros use it from what ive read but idk if id do it a buddy i know got 23s and he just shoots gear in them i get major irritation when i try gear in mine

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  • Rustyhooker
  • 5 years ago

Phil113 was using small cc amounts to stretch fascia. Allow more growth. I wish he fully posted his results. Im sure a big hitter can fully fill in all the blank spots.

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  • Gymjunkie01
  • 5 years ago

I've heard to many horror stories with that even I would steer away from it