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  • My favriote pre powerlifting meet regamine

  • brickshithouse78   •   Sun, Jun 28th, '15 22:31   •   3 replies, 564 views

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This is how I roll works great NOT for novice lifter or gym rats if this isn't something I would recommend to anyone lifting at a amateur level been competing some time
10 weeks out
come off bridge
1 gram test cyp week
1050 mg tren ace week 150 ed
350 mast prop week 50 mg ed
200 mg deca week
.5 letro eod
.5 prami ed
3 weeks out 100 mg anadrol ed
to meet.
This is my regamine I always come in peaked and moveing heavy weight if u are young I do not recommend this cycle I am on trt just putting it out there hit some of my best number I do not cut for my weight class fyi


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  • jayisk
  • 2 months ago

On the day of the meet do you use something like tne/test suspension or any orals before the lifts?

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Jay so far I havent cycled into any meets .. I have been considering using methyltest which I used to use to for heavy lift low volume days. I find so far that the meet day adrenaline is more than enough to carry me through ...

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  • ziabungle
  • 2 months ago

Wow a gram of tren. Must be a beast during comp.