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+ 2 To the guy's who use Facebook & Telegram to talk about using Gear ....


This just shows that even though these people were using an App designed by the Police, why you should be extremely careful about what you are discussing on these social media platforms.

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Is telegram weak? With all it's secret chats and possibilities? Also hear lot about signal.
Deam , pitty

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Just stick with Signal app for all private communications

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Gotta give it to the FBI they are getting more and more sophisticated online. Not long ago they infiltrated one of the largest Darkweb market and kept it running for months to obtain info. They even continued to run the lottery giveaway on the market.

Be careful what you share on eroids even in pm's, you never know who else could see that. Though I do think they are probably more interested in sellers rather than buyers.

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Kind of funny. Looks like the cops scored with that app.

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That's what I thought LOL I mean how dumb do you have to be to use some random app to communicate all drug transactions, killings and everything else that goes on.

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It seems a lot of folks have been “letting their guard down” recently when it comes to their own identity (anonymity) when dealing with gear, especially online. Most platforms are breeding grounds for law enforcement to infiltrate.

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Shit that was my favorite app... hmm someone’s knocking at the door..

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Lol shit just gets more and more complex, it's like I'd they wanna fuck with you they can

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How you doin Bud? Have things calmed down a bit now?