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  • BFG   •   Mon, Mar 11th, '13 17:09   •   98 replies, 23721 views

Your votes (and source's score/rank) are separated chronologically. Eroids will now show you who received most and best votes in the last month, last six months, and last 12 months.

This effectively gives us a new outlook.

  • Trending scoreboard is a representation of votes placed for a source in the last month.
    Use this to see who is rising or upcoming. It also shows you who is consistently being pumped with best and most votes on monthly basis

  • Stable represents a collection of votes received in the last 6 months.
    This is the default display. It's what I feel most accurately represents current state, with a pool of votes big enough to vouch for source's stability.

  • Stale (for lack of a better word) scoreboard represents our old system - with votes up to 12 months old.
    This table might not realistically represent current public opinion, e.g. source's support or quality went down (or up) in the last months, but they're still resting on their laurels, due to many old (stale) votes.

You know you have a winner when you find a source in all three categories.
It means the source has done well over a period of 12 months (stale), is getting constant support by users (trending), and have proven themselves worthy of your attention in the near past (stable).

IMPORTANT: Votes older than 6 months are NOT INCLUDED in the ranking algorithm!


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  • P
  • 4 years ago

Wow, innovative and great update.

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  • Pepwarehouse
  • 4 years ago

Good idea Wizard!

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  • Neo-istheone
  • 4 years ago

great idea!!! thank you..

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  • Makwa
  • 4 years ago

EROIDS is getting better all the time!

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  • Drywallstar
  • 4 years ago


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  • Pmob
  • 4 years ago

Sweet !

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  • gatorgear
  • 4 years ago


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  • Wrath
  • 4 years ago

Nice update!