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+ 2 Andreas Frey German bodybuilder R.I.P


Came across this article
Had to share

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Another sudden death from climate change. The guy was down size big time so must me climate change ...

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Left 2 daughters and a wife of over 20 years.

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Only 43, crazy. Got to face the fact that every single time we run a steroid cycle its damaging the inside of our bodies and sometimes it may be a little and sometimes a lot. All these cycles and years add up in the end especially if you start in your early twenties. We all talk like its pretty normal to be on gear and a day to day thing but the reality is the body was never designed to be operating with these things in it.

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Terrible news.... Unfortunately, there always a risk and lets face it, it is a huge risk sometimes. I mean, the further you go, the bigger risk it is to try to accomplish your goals. I think it can relate to almost every aspect of our lives

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I Agree buddy - We are all responsible for the choices me make ultimately. Hope you are well mate

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I'm brother! Thank you. How about you?

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+1 , rip to Andreas

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Young I know man.. I've only been cycling 5 years. And I keep mine simple